Beacons, easiest way to protect from greifers!

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    So, I played on a minecraft server before being banned that had made their own plugin they call
    Beacons that a user named "ylt" made. It was the most simplistic method of a user
    protecting their own area easily! Admins wouldn't even have to help set it, it was set all by the user.
    The user would set down a diamond block, gold ore, iron ore, gold block, different things, place a
    stone pressure plate on top of the block, and ignite it with a flint & steel, which activated it as a
    "beacon". The beacon, then depending on the type of ore/block it was, it would protect a certain
    radius, beleive 64 was the max for diamond block, and 8 or 16 for iron ore, and infinity upwards and
    downwards. The users protected area could only then be edited by him, OR, they could step on the
    beacons pressure plate and use the command '/beacon owner +<userToBeAdded>', or remove
    someone by using '/beacon owner -<userToBeRemoved>' They also had ways of checking which
    area was protected by who's beacon by using a tool of some short, and a /beacon owner to see
    who owns it (while standing on it).
    Log on to the server "" to check it out, this plugin needs to be shared! I would
    write the code myself but I'm only basic with coding Java, could someone thats familiar with
    Minecraft source codes help me write this plugin? A somewhat long term project for any minecrafter
    but well worth it!

    Plugin is at:
    Email me at:

    I imagine it wouldn't be too hard, it'd be one class assuming based on the command /beacon. A few methods, one to add the other users, one to remove users, one for the initial setup, one for the check ID which would just be a simple return I'd assume. Please help!
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    Why do people need plugins like that?
    I mean.. Players who are joining your server have to read a bunch of sings/help-sites before they know how to get an area. You could take a look into AutoRegionGuard (which is finished soon ofc), if you want a simple area-protection which doesn't need any Admin to set it up for players.
    Otherwise just ignore my post.
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    Because I like the method of this one. A new user joins, they'll be asked to do /rules then /w school to learn about the beacons. One they learn about that, theyre free to do whatever they wish. This plugin wouldn't claim a whole chunk for a player, but just a small radius. Also, a "owner" of a town could put a lot of diamond ones around, claim a large area, then post smaller ones of like iron ore to make a plot, and sell that plot to someone and simply add the new owner to the beacon, which would make it so he can only edit within his own plot of like 16x16 or smaller
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    PreciousStones plugin uses similar concept, although you're not required to build your beacons ;)
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    Awesome, prolly one of the closest things so far, but I DO want chest protection. This one seems close, but not exactly what I'm aimming for. Thanks for the try though! I started coding what I planned on but its not going far...
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    well, there is also GriefPrevention, which is a slightly different concept that include chest protections which will auto-create a protected claim (area) for your players as soon as they place a chest

    players can then adjust their claims or claim new areas using a golden shovel

    each player has a certain number of claimable blocks at the start and they increment as players play on the server... could that be of a possible interest to you?
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    I play on MCSteamed, and it's essentially the same plugin as ProtectionBlocks works great, really user friendly too. :)
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    I remember you Nemisis :3 But I was banned recently *sniffle*

    So, checked out both, ProtectionBlocks AND PreciousStones, but they don't quite cut it. They don't protect chests like on MCSteamed

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    I know *sadface*, it's my own fault though :p Im pretty sure pStones can be configed to protect chests, furances, doors, etc, but what YLT has made is a great plugin by itself :)
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    I play on MCSteamed too, and I trying to create a new server, and I am interest actually for this beacon protection! I think is the best option, and have an other caracterist. The beacon expands world where you can go. If you go more away, you lost live like you are hungry, but more fastly to dead. Is good way for prevent massive world expancive. Any one can help us for take this pluguin??

    p.D I'm sorry actually for my english.

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