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    I am looking for any developers interested in taking over this very old, but very epic plugin: Battlefields. Battlefields is a team deathmatch plugin system that allows players on a server to play in. You can setup teams, designate areas with worldedit, and other great battle rules. Here is an old video of the plugin

    The developer was a co-owner of my server and she left shortly to focus on her education. She was a talented builder and a good friend.
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    I can take it over if i get the source code.
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    Hey fred302 sorry for the late reply. Download the plugin and check and see if the source code files inside. This would have been an epic plugin; it was the only one of its kind during early development. Sadly, I haven't heard anything from my friend. She created a big epic palace and we still currently use that building as our Spawn place.

    Edit: Hmm... I cannot seem to find the plugin in anymore I will keep looking around.

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