Basic Bukkit Programming Tutorials.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Torrent, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Hey all :)

    I run a YouTube channel with @Samkio You may be familiar with his Basic Bukkit Plugin Tutorial.

    We had a lot of comments saying things along the lines of 'please explain how the code relates back to Minecraft' and many more.

    So I decided to throw together a small series on how to programme plugins for Bukkit.

    Heads Up: You need a basic understanding of Java to follow these tutorials.

    In this series I go about explaining the code that we use to make a simple plugin that sends the player a message when they place a torch. I try my best to explain what each bit of the code does and how it relates back to Bukkit.

    It has gone down well with my subscribers so I hope it has the similar effect on here :)

    Also note: I'm a novice at Java myself; so things in these videos may be incorrect - feel free to correct me. I produce these videos to help others and my self. 'The best way to learn Java is to teach it' - Samkio


    Don't mean to double post. But I just uploaded episode 4 ^^

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    David K

    Thanks man, because of you I've started creating my own plugin :)
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    Good to hear! :)
    Hope it helps :)
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    New videos were uploaded in the past few days:

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    Having a look, thanks for these tuts :]
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    Styx Reborn

    I understand you're trying to teach stuff, but the first 4 parts are just chaos. Errors everywhere D:
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    Hope it helps!

    Errors in your code? or mine? Looking back through the videos, yes there are some mistakes - but they get cleaned up before the video ends. Regarding the onCommand boolean, that gets added in episode 7. (Which was a pretty big mistake from me i agree :p)

    Episode eight is out though ^^

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    Loving the videos man keep doing them :D
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    I plan to :)
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    Having a problem with the super (); line.. Tells me "constructor call must be the first statement in a constructor
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    Remove the super(); line, it's not needed :)

    Mistake on my part - episode 7 explains all the needed fixes.
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    Is there still a player.listener? I'm working on a very simple plugin atm and I'm getting errors about it and cant import it

    EDIT nvm got it :D
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    Excellent documentation, sorry I cannot understand spoken English =)
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    Certainly a great help to me, Torrent. +1 kudos or whatever it is you collect around here ;)
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    Haha thanks, glad it helped! :)
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    Excuse me, of course, but I don't understand what this plugin does =)
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    Just notifies the player when they place a torch :p
    Something simple for new members to understand :)
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    Episode 9 went live a few days ago; just forgot to post it here :p
    In this episode I display what the code does so far within game.​
    It's still a work in progress though!​
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    King Rat

    I [meat] you. Really helpful tuts :D
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    :) Thanks!

    I am trying to create a Bukkit Plugins but i don't know how to (I'm sorry by my bad english, I speak Spanish).

    Let's try it!
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    Glad it helped!

    Good luck :)
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    When you write BasicPlayerListener, I need to put (MYPROYECTNAME)PlayerListener or just BasicPlayerListener?

    Yes, I am a noob :(
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    It can be called YOURPROJECTNAMEPlayerListener
    Doesn't have to be BasicPlayerListener :)
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    Hate to be the bearer of embarrassment, but in the title image for episodes #2-9 (i.e. the preview image), you spelled "Programming" wrong (forgot an 'm'). Otherwise, thanks so much for making these! Very useful
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    Oh dear god, lmao!
    Was very tired when making those thumbnails, so that would explain why xD

    Cheers for pointing that out.
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    what files do I need to download to start make plugins?
  28. You need:
    • Java JDK (Java 6 or Java 7 will work fine, but if you choose 7 make sure you don't use methods not in 6). NOTE this must be the JDK (Which you use to develop programs), not the JRE (Which you use for running programs)
    • Bukkit API
    • Eclipse or another Java IDE
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