Basic BUKKIT plugin Tutorial

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Samkio, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Mathew Alden

    Thanks for the tutorial... but I don't understand enough java to get it...

    Do you think you could simply show me how to add an item with a .png in the .jar and then how to add a recipe? Maybe give me like a template or something where I just have to chagne a few names?

    or is it not that simple...
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    Hey thanks for this tutorial, I'm sure it's very helpful, but as someone looking to learn how to make a plugin, this is just teaching me how to make your plugin the same way you did. I will no doubt try this but I would like some source of info that describes what each bit of API does. Basically, I want to understand the API so that I can make plugins without depending on other people and their input, which sometimes IS helpful, I admit. I'll try this though and it may very well teach me some things. I just want to understand it so I can build the plugin myself. Please don't take this as an under minding or demeaning comment, I'm just searching for understanding. Thanks again :)
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    This tutorial is aimed more at showing people how to start writing it, since there are resources such as the javadocs for the details you seem to be looking for, located here:

    Hopefully the javadocs will provide you with what you're searching for =p
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    This seems to be EXACTLY what I need :) Thank you sooo much. Much cake for you... and some cookies ;)
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    Mathew Alden

    Me too. Thanks.
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    Hi guys, not everyone has a good internet speed, so ask, please can a living creature to obtain this tutorial in text format? I would be very grateful. I would like to learn how to create your own plug-ins.

    So many ideas, and video tutorials to see I can not :(..
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    I don't have add constructor! Please help :D
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    did not work for me when i run the server just gives me lots of errows:(

    if eney1 wants it here we go <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    how about a tutorial on how to import a project from github
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    Is the creation of new recipes possible in bukkit or is that something I have to mod in minecraft?
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    Yes you can create new recipes.
    But not new items without a client side mod.
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    Could you give me a hint on how to implement recipes with vanilla items and blocks?
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    Thank you and sorry for going offtopic ;)
    Like your tutorials
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    Samkio, you have a lot of good ideas, i'm now, programming my plugin.Thanks for the basic and the intermediate tutorials.
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    Samkio On your new tutorials im having problems with the import playerlistener, i think in part 3... I don't get the option to import it, is it because i make the plugin on craftbukkit.1.2.3_01?
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    Are you in the Package Explorer tab?
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    im done with my plugin but im trying to find out how to compile?

    Love your tuts samikoo :)
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    i cant find the basic folder?
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    Access Denied
    EnZiGuRi is missing the Read permission
    Well where i can find the latest bukkit source? i wanna start doing my plugin
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    yea thanks, i already imported the craftbukkit jar file and it works fine... where i can find a sample plugin? like with the BASICS to start... im new in java and need some help hehe
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