Basic BUKKIT plugin Tutorial

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Samkio, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Fantastic video, this saved me a heap of time when trying to help my users understand the plugin creation process so they can help contribute on my server. [​IMG]
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    It tells me that it can't load basic.jar.
    [SEVERE] Could not load plugins\Basic.jar in plugins: null
    My picture makes me look smarter then i really am...
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    Check tutorial on Bukkit Updates
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    Im not sure wich you are talking about.
    And i want to create a plugin that gives a message everytime you place a illegal block. :3
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    can u please make a video on the newest version of bukkit[​IMG]
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    i am sorry but u are good u should make another one
    oh never mind u did ignore me some times
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    I'm having trouble in your video where you put in

    and where you "Add Construct" I have EVERYTHING you have on there, and the only options I have to "fix" it are...
    Add unimplemented options, Make type Messager (my plugin name) abstract, Rename in file or rename in workspace.

    Please help! :D
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    Iv'e Always Wanted To be a future programmer and this is starting me off thankyou and You get a...
    You Sir. Are a Genius!
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    Btw just been following your steps and do they still work ? And also do you have skype ?
    Im Just... lets say fascinated and love to learn :)
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    What if I have CraftBukkit or is it the same.
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    @kahlilnc ?
    Bukkit = ModApi
    CraftBukkit = Server
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    hey good tut but im a n00b at programming java, only experienced with C++. Tho i could really use that plugin, do you have a download link for it xD
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    Check out the source :)
    It should include the .jar (unless i forgot.)
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    lol i was kinda joking tho :p
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  21. How did you add the constructor because i cant it doesnt have that option when you clicked next to the numbers?
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    I keep getting an error with this line:
    super(pluginLoader, instance, desc, folder, plugin, cLoader);

    The constructor used for it is undefined.

    It was mentioned before, and you gave a solution. I tried that code you gave him, (I changed D3Whitelist to AnyCurrency, which is my plugin name), and it's still the same thing. What's going on?
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    I tried yesterday you "Basic" Tutorial project And I think there are some incompatibility error with the latest version of bukkit like the constructor which seems to be unnecessary and the player and block events you are using which also seems to have been replaced by something else.
    Unless I'm mistaking, and sorry if it's the case, I would suggest you to update your sources since this thread is shown by bukkit's documentation as a referance in order to learn plugin developpements.
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    Great tutorial I have to say, gave me also a good start into this topic :)
    But I also agree with dortan.
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  27. its Eclipse side when you construct the first part of your Basic Plugin.

    Great tutorial apart from this little issue that probly many perople have with
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    Oh, sorry for asking. I understand how much of a hassle it is to tell people the same thing over and over again.
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    Scare Crow

    Wonderful tutorial, but I've been hitting a few snags.

    First: I add "bukkit-o.o.1-SNAPESHOT.jar" to the external jars in the properties window, and it registers as being added in the properties window, but the reference libraries won't show up in Eclipse itself

    Second: When I create the "com.bukkit.[name].basic" package, it doesn't create a package. Rather, it creates a set of subfolders in that order, so instead of "src>com.bukkit.[name].basic" I get "src>com>bukkit>[name]>basic"
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    Thank you for this tutorial, it really helped me out!
    Especially the thing with the hash map, I would not have figured out to use it that way.
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