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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by torrentails, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Notice: I've decided to stop development on this plugin, everyone should just use base iConomy plugin instead.

    This idea has been tossed around a bit in a couple of other threads and I've decided to go ahead with it.

    Basically there will be a base level economy plugin that will handle all currency and related issues.
    Other plugins such as The New Economy, iConomy and such will hook into this plugin for their own purposes.

    This will allow a universal currency that is independent of any other plugin and, as such will allow other plugins to operate without having to depend on one of the available existing economy plugins.

    This is intended to be a bare bones plugin and so will only have one command and the rest will be handled via hooks for other plugins to hook into.

    Properties file:
    Currency=Coins - The currency to be used in game.
    Commands used:
    /funds or /money - Will give the current balance of the player who used the command.
    Plugin hooks:
    getFunds - Will get the current funds of a player
    modifyFunds - Adds or removes an amount of funds from a player
    setFunds - Sets a players funds to a given amount
    onFundModify - listens for a modifyFunds or setFunds event
    fundModifyValue - returns the amount that is to be modified
    fundModifyPlayer - returns the player whose funds will be modified
    fundModifyAllow - used to allow or deny the modification
    Suggestions, ideas, comments and criticism are welcome, especially at this stage while it is still in the planning phase.

    Origin threads:
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    The latest version of iConomy (1.9 for hMod) basically did the same thing, right? It threw out nearly all features and provided some hooks for the creation of plugins, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure how iConomy works internally, but wouldn't this plugin make iConomy superfluous?

    Still, I support the idea for this plugin, as I would love to see a stable player-owned-shop system on my server and I think this plugin can provide a basis for that. It will be the plugins that allow you to actually do stuff with money, but that's not what this thread is about.. :)

    There was also a plugin that used gold bars as currency (so you carry your money with you as items), instead of virtual money). I prefer the latter though, but I'm just giving you something to think about.
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    Or perhaps even /balance ;)

    I like the idea, no actual commands, just hooks. Kinda like hMod is now (and Bukkit as well I suppose).
    addToFund and removeFromFund would be nice (even tho modifyFounds does this). It would allow code to be more "pure" :p
    modifyFunds would still be more flexible of course.
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    Nope, iConomy will not be hooking into this as that is the entire purpose of iConomy anyway. It is exactly as you posted already, please learn more about other plugins before starting ideas :p
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    iConomy is way to complex for me. This is so simple and customizable that I would rather develop a plugin for this plugin than a plugin for iConomy.
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    It's the exact same setup as iConomy 2.0, there is nothing complex, you start the jar and use it.
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    That came out a bit wrong.

    The problem is to get people on my server learn how to use it. Most of them still thinks it's hard to set home and warp around.

    However, physical objects that you can interact with is great. Buttons, levers and click able signs are good examples. So from my view it would be easier to develop something by myself that is compatible with redstone etc. and use the core functionality from this plugin.

    I don't need the extra iConomy functions anyways.
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    What extra functions? Base iConomy 2.0 is just the money handling portion. Please read Nijikokuns links.
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    Then I have obviously completely misunderstand iConomy.
    If so, isn't it basically the same as what is being suggested?
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    Yes. It is the exact same thing.
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    Great, i seem to have had what i asked for misinterpreted, what i meant was a simple plugin with about 5 commands that i could use so that people on my server do not get confused, i was just looking for a simple
    /money to check your balance
    /pay to pay someone
    /deposit to deposit money into someone's account
    /withdraw to withdraw money from someone's account
    and also a command to set a daily income for each group.
    Now it would seem that this has haapened.
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    Yes, iConomy already has that. actually EXACTLY that.
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    <-- loves iConomy :D
    Although im curious as to the idea of redstone... the sign shops are confusing for first timers - I totally get them but my players get overwhelmed. I wonder if iConomy or another mod could make signs work similarly to stargate, where's clicking prompts the sign to change... That functionality would make things much more understandable without my 7 signs explaining things.

    Anyway... Just throwing the idea in here.
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    I thought iConomy was like /money command for everything not just a simple /pay stuff, and also how do you set by day incomes?
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    I have an entire sign shop setup waiting to be released.

    Things like daily income etc are going to be in there soon, just give me some time. I just converted it today.

    /money pay
    /money withdraw
    /money deposit

    It's so it doesn't overlap other plugins, but if you guys really want it to be /money, /pay, /debit, /withdraw I can make it like that.
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    I am not sure if others do its just everyone on my server finds it all a bit confusing, well not everyone.
    I don't mind, whatever is easier for you :)
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    I don't get what is so confusing tbh
    but nijikokun what would be awesome is if you could customize the commands used for it
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    I don't find it confusing, just others do.
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    Wow, bit of a slugfest here. I fully know what iConomy can do, I use it and love it (Thanks for your hard work, Nijikokun)

    It's just that people, as you can see, have this deluded idea that they either have to choose TNE or iConomy when programing plugins or even just simple users who think that to use iConomy money is to use the full iConomy set. Not only that, but TNE has it's own economy base, so the previous statement is fairly true.

    I felt that if somrthing like this, following the bukkit philosophy, was built from the ground up as a generic, lightweight, flexible platform upon which others would be built, then people would embrace it more readily.

    If people actually open their eyes and accept the base iConomy plugin for this purpouse (TNE included) then I'd be just as happy!

    Look forward to it :D
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    From an admin point of view, being able to select the commands available makes sense.
    I also like the iConomy way of offering a single command for a single feature-group command.
    Very plug-in neighbour friendly.

    So instead of asking every plug-in to give us all types of alias commands.
    Let's just request a way for either the bukkit plugin manager to be able to edit / reassign certain commands.
    Allowing server admins to work around any overlaps between plug-ins and their commands.
    The same system could also be used for rights management.
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