BaseBuildingClanSystem (BBCS) base building, spawn system etc.

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    BaseBuildingClanSystem (BBCS)
    /bbcs create clanname -> Clan create
    /bbcs portal -> Teleport to Portal
    /bbcs reactor -> Create the base hearth "reactor"

    The base consists of base buildings. Base buildings do not protect the area, but relative protection can be built. Once the player has created the clan, he can build a reactor as a leader.
    The Reactor would open a menu from which to buy base buildings.

    After the clan build the reactor, the clan get a configurable number "energy capacity". This is a finite number, from which we can buy base buildings.

    Every base building has a life. This is damaged by an enemy attack. If the base building runs out, it explodes. Depending on the explosion setting, it may hit a hole. The life of base buildings can be set in config.

    Base buildings:

    Reactor: The reactor is the heart of the base. If the enemies destroy it, the base buildings will not have the energy to perform their task, so they become defenseless. (main building) (a clan can build only one reactor)
    Telenodes: Telenode is the second most important tool in the base. If the clan members die, they live here again. When the reactor is destroyed, the telenods remain in operation. (power only need on build)
    MedicBlock: The medic blockra heals the clan members. (need power)
    CommandCenter: CommandCenter comes with a startup menu where special commands can be issued. This can be configured with an external config. What icons, what commands should be assigned to it. (need power) Config example:
    itemid: anvil
    icon number: 4 (1-9 slot)
    name: armory
    operator command: yes (or no)
    command: / qa shop
    itemid: gold_ingot
    icon number: 6 (1-9 slot)
    name: auction
    operator command: no (or yes)
    command: /ah
    Turrets: This building can be shot by the enemy or mobs. (need power)
    ControlUnit: With this base building, you can set turrets to shoot and not. You can set a whitelist for certain players. In addition to turrets, you can control how much energy you send to certain base buildings. If you send more, the buildings will work better, and if less, you will perform less. For example: if you set less energy in your telenode, the spawn time will increase. If you bring the saved energy into the turrets, the turrets will be stronger and faster. (need power)
    TeslaCoil: This an AOE turret. (need power)
    Repeater: The repeater is a base building capable of transmitting energy. Thus, if it is placed on the edge of the reactor radius, it will pass it to another circle. For example, turrets can be built further afield. (need power)
    EnergyThumper: This is a special tool that generates extra energy at adjustable intervals. The maximum power generation of the device can be set. The value calculated from the construction is slowly increasing to the maximum value. (need power) (expensive building) (build only limited number(configurable))
    MineralThumper: This is a special tool that generates minerals at intervals. Ores can be set in ControlUnit. (need power)

    Example of the base:
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