Base PVP minigame. (Build a base and start attacking the other team's base)

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    Plugin Category: Fun

    Suggested Name: Base PVP

    What I want: So I was thinking of this plugin called Base PVP but since I trying to learn C# and not willing to learn java any time soon, I can't make it myself.
    So basically basepvp works by, you have up to 6 teams or it can be solo. You pick a kit for basepvp for the stuff to fight. Then when everybody is teleported to the arena, they are given X minutes depending on the config file to build a base. They already have a base built which they have to extend on to and improve. There are chests/signs that they can click for an unlimited amount of blocks to build thier base, the only limit is the time.
    Once the time is up, PVP is enabled for other team(s) to come attack you and your base. You can still build however. You can also grief other bases.
    There basically are 2 game modes, 1 is where you are given a certain amount of time (configurable) and whichever team has the most kills is the winner. 2. is elimination, players are given by default only 1 life and when they die, they are out of the game. The team with the last survivor(s) is the winner.
    But in the mode where you are given a certain amount of time, your kit refreshes when you die. All your potions and stuff is back and your armor is repaired.

    And about the kits, these are just a few I thought of:
    Cheetah: You have gold armor with light enchantments as well as a stone sword with some enchantments. But importantly, you have unlimited speed II applied to you. As well as some healing and regeneration potion, and a bow
    Standard: Semi iron/Semi chain armor with mid ranged enchantments, an iron sword with mid ranged enchantments and some potions. You also get a bow, basically an all around kit.
    Griefer: Chain armor and a stone sword with light enchantments but you get some griefing tools to grief other bases

    Ideas for commands: Just commands to build/mark the arena and stuff

    Ideas for permissions: Any

    Where I'd like it buy: Any time is fine, if it isn't a very long time to develop. I'd also prefer if it had support for older versions of minecraft (1.6.x, and 1.5.x)

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