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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DevtaBoon, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, RPG

    Suggested name: BarRPG

    What I want: I'd like to see the use of BarAPI to have a bossbar plugin that will allow you to set variables for each individual players bar. That way however configed the player will be able to see there stats from the bossbar.

    With different basic variables like ( %health, %exp, %level, %gamemode ) And so it can be customizable to be like so. playerbar: '&aExp: %exp &0- &b%health &0- &9Lv: %level'
    As an example for the default bar in the config to make it look like ' Exp: 12% - 100/100 - Lv 20'

    The exp and level is based off of your exp percentage and exp level, and the health is your current health out of your max with compatability for other plugins that extend hp so you may have 575/575 for example.

    With this plugin it will require BarAPI and depending on the developer they may choose any sort of adaption to plugins for the variables %variable, ex/ mcmmo, itemlorestats

    Ideas for commands:
    - /bpg enable
    - /bpg disable
    - /bpg set '###'
    - /bpg reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    - bpg.view
    - bpg.toggle
    - bpg.reload
    - bpg.set

    When I'd like it by: At developers convenience
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    @DevtaBoon What other plugins that extend hp? Each plugin has its own system, and more often than not it is difficult to hook.
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    @DevtaBoon the only downside with using BarAPI is that currently it can only be 64 characters long, and if its longer, itll just cut the rest off to make it 64 characters long.
  4. @DevtaBoon Hello, I will make the plugin for you.
    EDIT: Alright, after testing the plugin, it seems to work, there is a configurable format like you want, currently with hp, maxhp, level and experience, I can easily add more though.

    Additionally it has a configurable interval in which the bar should be updated , BUT BarAPI has some weird bug which show the bar only when looking at the enderdragon, which spawns somewhere infront of you, but "far" away (On highest distance you can sometimes actually see him), that means if you look into the ground, you don't see the bar anymore.
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    @Lionhard It's a client/minecraft 1.8 bug. BarAPI has nothing to do with that.
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    @Lionhard Allright, I look forward to your work. And for hooking some other plugins I myself would only like mcmmo and itemlorestats so do so as you may. Additionally the 64 character setup wont be an issue in most cases.
  7. @shades161 True, my bad. But it sucks, because I remember the times when Minecraft didn't have that bug and BarAPI worked much better. :)

    @DevtaBoon I'll do my best to finish the plugin today and add the hooks you want.

    EDIT: Actually, what would you like to have for variables in those 2 plugins? For example in itemlorestats, which variables would you like to have? Like, show their total damage or something?
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  8. Doesn't matter though, this is a plugin for Bukkit (1.7) so that bug doesn't exist :)
  9. @AdamQpzm Who says it's for 1.7? :p

    EDIT: @DevtaBoon Sorry, I lost all the time with those stupid experience calculations :S :S So today I can't finish it, will do my best to do so tomorrow. Still need more informations on the itemlorestats hook though.
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    The location of this thread :p
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  11. @teej107 Not the OP, though. Additionally I want to upload it publicly, therefore I want it to support all versions, including 1.8, even if it's not an official build, but there is no reason to wait for an official build from bukkit, as bukkit died and will never be again what it once was.
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    @Lionhard If the OP wanted it specifically for 1.8, then he would've posted this in the Bukkit Alternative section (unless this needs to be moved). Now whether you want to make a plugin that might not work on 1.7 is up to you. I had no worries making plugins for 1.8 with a 1.7 API.
  13. @teej107 I also didn't tell I don't want it to work for 1.7. :p But 1.7.x - 1.7.9APIs still use Player[] instead of a Collection that extends the Player and in 1.7.10 it didn't work. And in 1.8.x it uses a Collection, so one of those versions won't work, so I need to compile it two times with different bukkit versions and change it.
    And I have no idea why this is "Bukkit Alternative" section, I see it under Bukkit->Plugin Requests, nowhere is told that it is 1.6 or 1.7 or whatever version. Correct me if I'm wrong, I must be blind.

    @DevtaBoon Anyways, the experience problem is fixed and mcmmo hook added, it currently has variables for levels of the each skills and a variable for the powerlevel. Just need to know what exactly you want to do with the itemlorestats plugin and see if it has some API. :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Lionhard Then I tell you it now. 1.8 isn't released by Bukkit, so an alternative.
    Please assume in this section that it is for 1.7 or lower
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    @Lionhard For the itemlore stats plugin the exact setup I would like to see is that It can show the hp given when wearing Itemlorestat armor so you can see your actual health. The default setting for ILS health is 50 but when wearing armor you can have it go up to anything, the experience and leveling is hooked to ILS from mc so you dont need to worry about that.

    As well with the situation for what version just leave it as what you intend to make the original and since its public just have other updates and versions available afterword.
  16. @DevtaBoon Yeah, I've got a 1.7.x version and a 1.8.x version ready. I will just do a quick research for an API, if ILS even has one. (Never did anything with that plugin.).

    EDIT: @DevtaBoon Alright, it's finished! Added the health hook to ils, should work everything now on versions 1.7 and 1.8, if you find any bugs that I must have missed, just tell me and I'll fix them. :)

      prefix: "&f[&1BarStats&f]"
        enable: false
    format: "&aExp -  %expToLvlP%(%expToLvl%/%expToLvlMax%) &r&f<&r&c%hp%&r/&4%ils:maxhp%&r&f>&r &2%lvl% - Lvl %mcmmo:levelAcrobatics%"
    # in ticks 20 ticks = 1 sec
    update: 100
    Available variables at the time:
    %hp% - Player's current health.
    %maxhp% - Player's maximum health.(don't use this with ILS)
    %expToLvl% - Get's the current amount of experience in a given level. (for example 32 / 64)
    %expToLvlMax% - Get's the current maximum amount of experience. (in above example this would be the 32 / 64)
    %expToLvlP% - Same as above, but in percents. (Above example would show 50%)
    %expTotal% - Shows the players total experience. (ex. 300)
    %lvl% - Shows the players current level.

    %mcmmo:powerlvl% - Shows the players powerlevel.
    %mcmmo:level<skill>% - Shows the players <skill> level. (replace <skill> with a skill, ex acrobatics)
    %ils:maxhp% - Shows the players maximum health. (use this instead of %maxhp% if you have ILS.)

    I know the experience variable might be a bit tricky, here is an example:
    Experience: %expToLvlTotal% (%expToLvl% / %expToLvlMax% - %expToLvlP%) | Level: %lvl%
    would result in something like:
    Experience: 400 (6 / 47 - 13%) | Level: 17

    And the last thing, the skills you can use in the above mcmmo variable:
    Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Smelting, Swords, Taming, Unarmed, Woodcutting.

    Actually they should be same as those used in mcmmo's permissions. :D


    EDIT: Downloads should now work without required permissions.
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    I requested permission to the files.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Lionhard Please remove the need for authorization.
  19. @timtower I didn't even know that it needs authorization. I will adda dropbox download tomorrow when I'm back home, can't do it now. But I authorized everyone who tried to download.
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