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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by mike2033, Sep 9, 2012.

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    I was using BanRecipe, but it seems like it's outdated now. It often gives me following error:

    I've already found NoItem etc. but they aren't like BanRecipe. In BanRecipe you block recipes in the config and even add permissions, like this:

    - 257=banrecipe.ironpickaxe

    everyone who got permission "banrecipe.ironpickaxe" can build Iron Pickaxes, everyone else can not.

    Can somebody please update it / make a new "BanRecipe". I would be very thanksful!!

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    BanRecipe is closed-source so I couldn't update it if I wanted to. Most plugins compatible with 1.2.5 should work with 1.3.1, which is strange.
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    oh lol woop's!
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    Yes, I thought it should be compatible too, but sometimes it randomly gives me that error.

    Do you got any idea why this error could come? I have never heard something about "PrepareItemCraftEvent"...
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    im having this error on 1.2.5 aswell, with tekkit though.
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    Are you using any mods (too)?

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