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    Hello, I'm a server Owner who wants my players to allow to buy items from comands.
    I want them to buy items with Gold Ingot. :)

    - /Butikk (Opens a list over what they can buy)
    - /Handel [Item] [Amount] (The buy the item and pays with Gold Ingot)

    - /bank (Check how much Gold Ingot they have in the bank)
    - /bank inn (Takes the Gold Ingot from there inventory and puts them in a bank)
    - /bank betal [player] [amount] (Pay a player the amount of gold)
    - /bank ut [amount] (Take out Gold Ingot and place it there inventory)

    - /bank [player] (Show how much Gold ingot a player have)
    - /bank leggtil [player] [amount] (Gives a player the amount of gold on hes account)
    - /bank fjern [player] [amount] (Takes Gold Ingot form the players account)
    - /bank reload (Reloads the plugin)

    - Edit amount, item & cost in /shop
    - Set the maximum of Gold Ingot a player can have in there account.

    - Buy *You bought [amount] [item] for [gold ingot]*
    - Bank *You have [amount] Gold Ingot in your bank*
    - Bank in *You addet [amount] Gold Ingot to your account*
    - Bank pay *You paid [player] [amount] Gold ingot. You have now [amount] Gold ingot*
    - Bank out *You took out [amount] Gold Ingot from your account.*
    - Bank reload *[Bank] Reloadet*

    - bank.admin (Permission to use the whole plugin)
    - bank.player (Permission to everything eccept /bank reload - /bank leggtil - /bank fjern)

    If you see this, can you try to make a plugin like this or send me a link to a plugin that is simmilar to this?

    Best Regards
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    LogitechzGamer Try using Gringotts together with any shop that has an gui
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    I will rather not use Gringots, I want a virtuell bank. Where you can type /bank in 64 and the gold will dissapear from your inventory and in to a virtuell bank...
    But thank you for answering! :)
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    I did some changes to this plugin. Hope you guys can help me out :D
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    Bump! This plugin seems cool
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    I translatet this description to Norwegian, since my server is Norwegian.
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    I could work on it. I am busy with school so it might take me more time then it should I would say 2 weeks because of school.

    I will make configs so you can set your own messages back when commands are used.

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    I can no longer work on this. This is due to a recent death in the family. Sorry.
  9. uConomy?

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