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    Hi, I really wanted this plugin for my server, I know there are alot of these that come up when I search for them but none of them work, here's my idea.

    The command: /ban <playername>
    It comes up with a (customizable GUI, (You can customize it in the config, different ban reasons, lengths etc)) You then click a ban reason
    It then changes a GUI to to buttons for (-s) (which is a silent ban, meaning only staff can see it)

    Red clay = No, I don't want this ban to be silent
    Green Clay = Yes, I want this ban to be silent.

    Please make this for 1.8.9, thank you!


    If possible please can you make the items in the GUI (representing the ban reason) customizable!

    Thank you very much!


    Also you could make a mute plugin / GUI in the same plugin! with /mute <playername> Thanks!

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    I'll do this when I get home from school
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    Thank you! I also had another idea, in the config could you make it so I can add an appeal so when you get banned it says:
    e.g You have been banned for the reason: Hacks
    Appeal Here:
    These are te thing I want to come up when you try to rejoin after a ban:
    Time left of ban:
    Who you were banned by:
    Appeal link:

    Thanks sorry if that's too hard
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    No that would be just fine! I'm on it!
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    Awesome! Thanks!
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    If you can add a language.yml to translate all the text , will be fine :D
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    I don't know about that...
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