Bandwidth Requirements Per Player?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mikor, May 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any sort of estimate as to how much bandwidth is consumed on a player by player basis on a CB server at any given time?

    We're moving our server onto a self-hosted box, and are shopping around for internet service plans to run the server from, and having some baseline estimates would give us a better idea how many players can play based on the upstream of the plan we go with.

    Actual hardware requirements are a non-issue, this discussion should be focused squarely on bandwidth requirements and use per player simultaneously.
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    That is horribly inacurate.
    I used to run a server with 20-22 users on a 50/2 connection and it went super smooth. Inputting those settings there shows me i can run 6 lol.
    Right now i have a 100/100 so its much better but back from my 50/2 days, 20 users ran fine. lol. horrible site. + calculation formula
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    Yea it really is a bad calculation. My past connection was like 10 down/1 up and it said I can run 3 lol! But I was able to run up to 15 without lag.
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    Good to know i making a server move on friday and will only be able to have adsl with max 24/2.5
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    Nathan C

    20 player = 3 mbit/s for the smoothest gameplay.
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    yeah not very apparently with this
    I could only host about 31 people. yeah that web site isn't very accurate. But then again it said 31 people plus myself at the same time, so idk lol
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