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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mike1022, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I was wondering how much bandwidth each player uses? Will the amount of plugins that I have effect this?
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    Mike1022 - Possibly. Figure around 50kbps give or take. Could be more could be less, but that's a reasonable ballpark estimate.
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    So would I be able to host 100 players on 20Mbps?
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    Mike1022 - If you're trying to home host, I'd recommend against it. Technically if you're getting sustained speeds of 20Mbps you can host something like 1000 people according to my numbers. However, that's probably wildly off.

    I'd also figure something like 50-75MB per player so you'd need something like 6 GB dedicated to your server as well.

    If you're actually getting up to 100 players sustained you should probably consider hosting in a data center.
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    Problem with that = $$$$$

    Please, just answer the question. Anyway if it is 50kbps per player then I am fine.

    I have not had a crash yet, and I have hosted 15 players so far.
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    I think it's way less than 50kbps.
    The effect of plugins depends on the plugin itself, but most plugins won't use much additional bandwidth.
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    It's good to average around 50kbps as that's more likely the max or close to the max, if the player isn't loading chunks and is just tooling around it'll be much less than that.

    Please understand its a VERY bad idea for you to host at home for more than just your friends. Primarily, this is because you're very vulnerable to attacks. Any sort of DDoS attack is quickly going to take down your internet connection firewall or not. This isn't just your server, this is your connection to the internet. You can consider, possibly, purchasing a cheap VPS (preferably DDOS protected) as your external IP and keep your own private one hidden. Then use a GRE tunnel to your home-hosted server.
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