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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: Ban report

    What I want: When an op logs in they will receive info on who has been banned, by who, when, and why.

    Ideas for commands: /banreport : will show you all the info on who banned who. (If you need to see it again)
    /banreport clear : clear the report.

    Ideas for permissions: br.receive br.clear

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    Do you want it to display all bans? Or just the ones since the op's previous logout?
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    Since it was last cleared using /banreport clear.

    i think that would be easiest.

    And maybe if it saves kicks aswell, but thats not so important
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    I'd like to second this request. I think it would be best to report the bans since each admin's last login. The purpose is to avoid duplicate bans and rollbacks. A bonus feature would be to report back whether somebody has already been banned when an admin issues the /ban command.
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    The purpose (for me) is to find out if my staff have been behaving, sometimes they mess around and kick and ban people for no reason.
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    I think you should use Iban... It pretty much does what you want

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