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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SimplyBrandon1, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Punishments / Web development / Misc

    Minecraft version: 1.8-current

    Suggested name: WebAppeals

    What I want: I would like a plugin / website software that hooks into punishments plugin to give a more fluent appeals process. The way it would work is that there would be a website that the player can enter their name into. Once they have entered their name, it would ask for a punishment ID*, which would be displayed in the ban / mute message. Once they type the ID in, the website hooks into the plugin on the server to find all the previous punishments. It then allows the user to chose a punishment to appeal, once selected, they answer all the customisation fields, such as why they should be un-banned, etc. Once an appeal has been created, it would work like a support ticket system - a member of staff would be assigned the appeal to process. If they decide to accept the appeal, they simply press accept which will automatically send the user a message accepting their appeal, and automatically remove that punishment. If they deny it, it would simply send a message of rejection.

    It should be customisable as possible. There could also be some field that trigger an automatic response, such as

    "Are you sorry for what you have done"

    If they put "Yes", it could automatically check for past punishments, if it is less than one, auto-accept, if not, then assign to staff.

    It could also be possible to process appeals in-game, with a GUI or something along them lines.

    The above are just ideas - feel free to change anything, add anything, or leave anything out.

    *The punishment ID is for security purposes. It is to stop people from checking other people's punishments, etc. This could be turned off, though.

    Ideas for commands:

    /WA Reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    WA.Admin - Allows you to reload.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    I understand this is a lot of work, and it would be up to you what you add or don't add.

    Also, I would like to mention that I currently use BanManager, so compatability with it would be great.
  2. @SimplyBrandon1
    What I don't understand is, where and how is this website supposed to be hosted? On the Server itself?
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    The website would be separate to the server, so a seperate hosting company but it could somehow hook into the server via MySQL or other means.
  4. @SimplyBrandon1
    But the thing is, you can't do MySQL interaction between two different servers without having some sort of socket connection between the two.
    Turns out I was wrong. wops.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "socket connection." Multiple websites I know of hook into plugins on the server with MySQL. One example would be the punishment listings site for Ban Manager.
  6. @SimplyBrandon1
    Actually, I derped on that part, I forgot that you could check in through MySQL remotely, my bad. So if I'm correct, you want someone to create a web server app that can ban/unban/check if a player is banned through the BanManager sql database?
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    Yes. But it should be an appeals system. So each appeal is like a ticket, which can be accepted or denied. It also can un-punish simply by pressing the accept appeal button. :)
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    Seems like a nice project, but you must understand that most developers are in this section to practice. Like me, I haven't been coding for over 3 months, so today, I went here and filled a simple one out. But a plugin like this, including MySQL, web-development, etc... would be hard to get filled here. I would suggest you get in touch with an experienced developer and have it a paid project. Or, many developers are fine with the fact that they can release the plugin for free to the whole world. But if you want it only for you, then, yeah.
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    Yes. I understand this. I wouldn't mind it being public, and wouldn't expect it done soon. It could take as long as it needed and features could be added gradually. :)
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    That may be cool, but why not just have players appeal on your forum website?
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    I feel like a system like this would:

    a) Be a lot easier and less effort
    b) Look a lot more professional
    c) Stop people from using wrong formats, etc.
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    @SimplyBrandon1 Good idea I suppose, would you consider using a plugin such as /report that can allow you to report a player in-game? Not sure if this is a thing but there is a suggestion.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Banjer_HD That wouldn't work with the server though.
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    The latest version of BanManager has this feature.

    This is a great idea and you are correct in saying that it would be easier on the user's end and look a lot more professional than any forums-based appeal system. I am afraid that finding a developer on Bukkit that could do this, might not be possible, most devs here do no know the website coding aspect. There are sites that you can have a paid project and hire a developer to make this.
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    This is a pretty easy plugin / website. I could do it in probably a day.

    @DoggyCode™ and anyone who wants to take on this project.

    I wouldn't do a remote connection to any bukkit server unless you have two different network interfaces on different vlans. This protects your database from any attacks. Now if you can't do that or want to offer this up as a service then I would write an api that takes a private api key and your webserver updates the database directly. Writing your db password in a jar is a huge no no.

    If anyone needs any advice on how to do this just let me know. I may take it up if no one else does.
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    This idea is now on my idea list for a admin plugin i am creating at the moment (plugin and service will be free) i check back to this, when we implemented your approach :)
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    Thanks so much!
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