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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FuRiouSOne, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Ever since bukkit 1.4.2 dev and even current beta build my PVE server has been having issues with players being kicked for Bad Packet ###. Now i also run a PVP server which runs the same bukkit version and it have never kicked anyone for this packet error.

    There are a few plugins on the pve server which the pvp server does not run and makes me think one of these is causing the problem. The problem is this error is so random and there is nothing in the server logs stating any error other then players losing connection with end of stream.

    Plugins in question are:

    I am thinking it may have something to do with multiverse and randomly happens when someone teleports to another world? If anyone could give some insight would greatly help, thanks.

    There is a report on bukkit for this same issue many others are having.

    Report has been issued to mojang as well.
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    Try without CreativeGates and Jobs (disable those plugins temporary) and see if your server crashes. Also be sure you use the latest CB version and also check for updates with MultiVerse and PlotMe. It could also be a damaged world that could cause this or Orebfuscator (if you have that).
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    The server doesnt crash, it just kicks 90% of the players with the error bad packet ### (### in place of numbers such as 195).

    Can you give any specifics why you think creativegates or jobs would do this? Teleportation from creativegates i could understand but not jobs as jobs just gives money to players account through vault/essentials.
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    Happening to me to. I am now getting this error:

    I think the Bad Packet errors are fixed in the latest Beta build.
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    I am using the latest beta and it is still happening. Are you running any of the plugins i listed above?
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    @FuRiouSOne Because they are outdated, hmm really strange.
    Do you use a special motds or messages or something that involves special characters?
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    I was using special motds, could that be a problem? Why?
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    I use MOTD from essentials which has no special characters and basically the same as my pvp server. As stated above my pvp server has never had this issue.

    Edit: Also i have used all 30+ creativegates teleporting back and forth non stop for about 30 minutes with no bad packet kick. As for Jobs everyone is using a job in game non stop so i really dont think that is the issue. Just cause a plugin is outdated doesnt mean it is broken or causing issues. I have a plugin that hasnt been updated since 1.2.5 and still works perfectly with no issues or errors.
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    i dont think he means that MOTD.
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    This error you have there happens if you use illegal characters or something. I remember when Mojang changed the chat system, after that change this issue showed up.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I had this problem long time ago also. I just force updated my client and it was fixed after that.

    Be sure you have everything up-to-date (including CB and your Minecraft client - also force update it).
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    I removed the plugin that was changing the MOTD and I have updated my Minecraft client and everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the help :)
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    After doing some research i have found this bug has been reported on mojang as well.

    People have reported this packet error even on vanilla server with NO plugins. Some say it could be beacons which i cant see as my PVP server have 20+ beacons active in my city (with player plots) and they have not reported any packet kicks.

    My PVE server however has NO beacons at spawn city but players do have some beacons out in the world and they are still reporting packet kicks.

    Also there are reports from multicraft stating it is not them and an issue with client-server communication which i find odd how my PVP server doesnt have this problem but my PVE server so which both run the same bukkit version and on the same machine (Dedicated windows 2008 R2 server).
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    You have a different error then @sillyrosster. Interesting..

    Make a ticket here:

    Bukkit could be able to fix this but I'm not sure. It could also be a hard-coded thing or client side... Hmmm
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    My error has been reported to bukkit and as i stated to mojang, links are provided above in my main post. Also like to add sillyrossters error has nothing to do with my error nor this topic so lets try not to derail this topic, thanks.

    Seems someone has brought in question Item Frames as being the culprit which would be a bukkit and/or minecraft issue. I have put in motion to remove all item frames from my pve world and have also blocked placement to see how it goes.

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    Removing wither skulls fixed this issue on my server.
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    how do i do that on my server ?

    im also getting the same errors as Topic owner
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    I got my fixed my changing the map!
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    In my continued efforts in trying to fix this issue i have had several crash reports since i have reported this issue. I have gone through all the crash reports and got locations to every item frame entity i could find and removed them from my world (found 7 of them with maps in item frame which minecraft has stated is a bug and can crash a server). If you get a crash report open with notepad++ and hit ctrl f then type in frame and search, use in game /tppos to go to the location the item frame is in and remove it from the world. Sometimes you cant see the frame so just place or breack blocks around the area till it falls.

    I have also blocked placement of item frames using world guard black list


    Will report back with results in a day or 2.
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    I'm using CraftBukkit 1.4.2-R.02 and players have been getting kicked with "Bad Packet ID 88." Like you, I'm using Multiverse, PlotMe and MagicCarpet. My server hasn't been crashing at all, so there's no log to show any corrupted entities, such as item frames.
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    Option 1:
    Update to latest 1.4.4 bukkit which minecraft i believe has fixed this map in item frame issues for bad packet kicks.

    Option 2:
    Stay on 1.4.2 and have the players that get kicked for bad packet report their location where they were kicked and teleport to that location, use an xray client to look for item frames and remove them. Also make sure you block usage of item frames with world guard in the world blacklist file on-use=deny.

    Its the maps placed in items frames that was causing the issues as the map is trying to update block changes while the players were building around the map.
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    I may just wait for a Beta Build of CraftBukkit 1.4.4. But then again the current Dev builds don't look too shabby, have you been having any problems with them?
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    Havnt updated to 1.4.4 yet, i plan on using a dev build when i wake up, hopefully they will have a beta build by then. I sure wont unlock item frames till i am 100% sure its working on my test server.
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    Well good luck with your endeavors. :D
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