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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MrFlashPoint, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. Plugin category: I don't now :(

    Suggested name: SimpleBackReloaded

    What I want: I want that that plugin have the /back command. This wil teporteer the player back where the dead. Why i ask for this? And not using essentials or so much other /back plugins? First Essentials /back bugging soo much. /back work for some players and for some not. It's just not going to ther dead location. Thing 2 is that other /back plugin don't have the option to change the message's what i also needs because i own an Dutch server. ( That why my english is not %100 good :( )

    Ideas for commands: Only /back

    Ideas for permissions: sbr.back

    When I'd like it by: When you fix it :)
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    In Essentials, /back returns to your previous location (such as before a teleportation, or death).
    I think if you disable the "register teleport in back listener" or something similar in the config it will only save deaths.

    The command itself works perfectly fine though, make sure you gave the permission to your players etc.
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    Adding on to what @au2001 said, you can edit the Essentials locale and make it say whatever you want. Alas, if you don't want to do that then you can wait for someone to make you a /back plugin :)
  4. Yes i know that Essentials returns to your previous location. And yes they have the permission for that.
    The issue is that if i do /back i come te place's wehere i never stand when i do /back \last time an player died en when she did /back she come somewehere she never was. She got lucky that ik was also on her location and she got ther staff back. But after that happend i decide to request an custom plugin for that.

    And 'oceanthekatr' did you even read what i say? Essentials is the issue. I try much other /back plugins but no one have the option do change the message.
    @oceantheskatr @au2001
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    Also, are you sure you're using the correct Essentials plugin for your server?

    If you're on 1.8 or higher, get Essentials here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/Spigot-Essentials/
    If you're on 1.7.10 or lower, get Essentials here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/files/217-essentials-2-13-1/

    Is your server running in offline mode by chance?
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  6. If a plugin isn't working, always try and report the bug first. If nobody replies within a considerable amount of time, then you should create a plugin request.
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    @tkuiyeager1 You shouldn't import ChatColor from the BungeeAPI. Also, you should store death locations with the player's UUID instead of their name (p.getName() -> p.getUniqueID().toString())

    Finally, the following can be simplified
          String consoleusethiscommand1 = getConfig().getString("Messages.Console-Use-This-Command");
          String consoleusethiscommand = ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', consoleusethiscommand1);
    to this:
          sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', getConfig().getString("Messages.Console-Use-This-Command")));
  9. @tkuiyeager1 To be more broad... Don't import anything at all from BungeeChord unless you are coding for a BungeeChord plugin. A BungeeChord server is built to be compatible with Bukkit plugins. A Bukkit server is not built to be compatible with BungeeChord plugins. Coding with Bukkit should make it compatible for all other server types, but not vice versa. Also note that we are on the Bukkit forums, and by default people are expected to have bukkit servers unless stated otherwise.
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  11. @tkuiyeager1
    Eror when i start the server :( And an great thx for creating :)
    (And maybay it's an better idea if the player data is based on UUID)


    @oceantheskatr Yes i use the 1.8 version. I have it also from there. And no he's not starting offline. And i use also 1.8 server.

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    @MrFlashPoint i think the problem is that you are using Java 1.7, try use this
    and reply if it works or not
  13. @tkuiyeager1 Thxxxx for the fast reaction. Yes now it's working :) Also when i change the message's it's not changing to default and stay changed ;) Butttttttt Can you please add the option that if an player died that he's see in the chat 'Use /back to get back to you'r dead location' (And that i can change that messages also) If you will add that i wil give you %100 the credits and also broadcast it in the server for some days. :D)
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    Yes, both ways work however I was simply showing you a way to put it all in one line which is more space-efficient. Either way is fine though! :)
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    @MrFlashPoint You tried to use the plugin? if yes, it works how you wanted it to work?

    @MrFlashPoint I added what you asked for.
    Note: please remove your last config before you load the new version (Only that the configs wont mess up).
    Here is the link to the plugin.
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  16. @tkuiyeager1 The last version works without any issue. But again srry :( some of my other serverteam mates (and some players) wanna ask for something else. Can you add support for that players can use /back to get to ther previous location if you can/want add this can you then change to permissions also. sbr.back To sbr.back.dead and sbr.back for they previous location and again Thx for creating it :)
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    @MrFlashPoint do you mean their previous location after they teleport to some where?
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    @mrxqware i will try to make it
    so you want 2 commands?
  19. @tkuiyeager1
    Thx. If you cannot make fix it. It is not an problem at all because the issue was /back and that is fixed :) But because they ask it my i decide to ask it to you ;)
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    @MrFlashPoint ok i succeed to do it with one command.
    sbr.back.dead for death location.
    sbr.back for previous location.
    Those two permission are for one command.
    Here is the link, try it and tell me what do you think.
  21. @tkuiyeager1 Yes. I test it and its works whitout any issue. So many Thx :) Also from the people that ask for it ;) And when i have an issue with the plugin i must post it here Right?

    Greetz, MrFlashPoint
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    Ok @MrFlashPoint Enjoy The Plugin.
    if you have any issure i think you need to post it here.
  23. @tkuiyeager1 I found an little issue. If i do /back and sombody build there i will killed in the block. Can you maybay fix dat de plugin look for an safe location before teleport? (Such as 2 open blocks in erea of the previous location)

    Thx, MrFlashPoint
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    @MrFlashPoint sorry i dont think i know how to do this, if the player is in 2 blocks when he use /back so he should break them with Pickaxe Axe Shovel and the other tools
  25. @tkuiyeager1 No Problemo. We are allready happy that can fix an good working /back plugin :)
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    Please mark this thread as filled if your request was completed
  28. @tkuiyeager1 After using it for some days i seems te be that /back begin to bug when it comes to teleport to the previous location. Can you add an other command voor teleporting back to the player previous location Example: /back for hes/her dead location and /backloc for hes/her previous location. (perm sbr.back.loc) Thx.

    EDIT: Can you maybay make also an other small thingie. One command /godsay <bericht> en that other players can see (in de chat) [GodSay] <bericht> (That i can change that in the config)
    BUT with the next 2 permissions 1, SimplePlugin sp.godsay 2, sp.mod (with sp.mod) and also an other thing. That all messages send from an player wil stored in an file with time (This is so that if an mod is niet online and somebody using /godsay to offend somebody)
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    You think you can give me the download? For Java 8 please and thanks
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