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    Hello Minecraft community,

    After 1 year of development, this project is finally in pre-launch stage ! * insert party smile here *

    TLDR - Website Link

    1. CONCEPT

    We've always felt like server lists pay a lot of attention to the actual players (which is a good thing), but forget about the server owners. AwesomeMinecraftServers was created in order to provide server owners critical information about their server state and also the experience of their players.

    We intend to provide a powerful all-in-one solution for minecraft servers, combining server monitoring, server diagnosis, enhancement tools and much more...


    [Be aware that not all our features are explicit here]

    • Featured dashboard
    - Control your server with our unique dashboard.

    - Have the immediate perception of new votes, feedback, players, visits and much more...

    - Daily objectives for each of your servers.

    • Active server monitoring
    - We monitor all the processes related server voting, querying and such... If anything goes wrong with any of these processes, our system will fire an alert.

    - Alerts come in 3 different types: Information, warning and danger.

    - Alerts are received in real time in order for you to take proper actions immediately.

    • Feedback system
    - Receive feedback from players about their experience on your server.

    - Did you find a possible enhancement for your server in the feedback list? Pin it in order access it later.

      • Changelog system
    - Have you added a new plugin or enhancement into your server? Let your players know that by using our changelog system.

    - Add a new server sub-version along with the description of the new features

    • Make sure that your server is unique
    - Verify your server in our system to guarantee that no one else adds it and tries to fake your identity.


    AwesomeMinecraftServers is currently in pre-launch stage, which means that we're not "completely" open yet. However, everyone is able to add their server within pre-launch in order to access some features once we hit the release date.
    We will be offering the first 5 featured spots for servers added within pre-launch !


    AMS will officially open in the 2016-11-05 13:00:00 (UTC).

    Currently under development:

    • Mobile application (Already started)
    • Public API
    • Enhancements in the monitoring module.
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