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    Plugin category: Sell Multiplier

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: Amor Multiplier

    What I want:
    A plugin where you can get a set of custom armor for gems and that armor will give you a sell multiplier with Autosell plugin.
    Also have commands to give and remove gems from a player (make these possible to do through console)
    Also have a withdraw command that withdraws gems into a check in the players inventory, this can be just a emerald with the name "Gems" and a lore of how many gems inside. So if a player withdraws 10 gems, they will get a item called "Gems" and a lore like "Amount: 10" (next line) "right-click to redeem". Make sure that withdraw also removes from the players balance.
    Make it so players can deposit the "Gems" item with just right clicking it.
    Also have a placeholder with placeholderAPI like %amormultiplier_balance% , this returns how many gems the player have on their account (does not include the "gems" they have in inventory from withdraw).
    When a player buys a part of a armor, they get the armor in their inventory, and the multiplier is applied when the player wears it.

    Click here for config. but if it dosent work or you cant read it, here:

    name: "&a&lGems" #name of the gem item
    lore: #lore of the gem item
    - "Line 1"
    - "Line 2"

    Panda Armor:
    BonusMultiplier: 1 #if the player wears the whole set they get a extra +1x multiplier
    Name: "Panda Helmet" #Name of the item
    Lore: #the lore of the item
    - "&a&lThe Panda ChestPlate"
    - "&b+1x multiplier"
    Cost: 20 #The amount of gems this item costs
    Multiplier: 1 #this gives you a +1x multiplier with AutoSell plugin
    Type: leather #different types: Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond
    Color: Gray #if its type leather, then what color of leather.

    Name: "Panda ChestPlate"
    - "&a&lThe Panda ChestPlate"
    - "&b+1.5x multiplier"
    Cost: 30
    Multiplier: 1. 5
    Type: leather
    Color: White

    Name: "Panda Leggings"
    - "&a&lThe Panda Leggings"
    - "&b+1.5x multiplier"
    Cost: 30
    Multiplier: 1.5
    Type: leather
    Color: White

    Name: "Panda Boots"
    - "&a&lThe Panda Boots"
    - "&b+0.5x multiplier"
    Cost: 15
    Multiplier: 0.5
    Type: leather
    Color: White

    Ideas for commands:
    /armormultiplier give (player) (amount) #give (player), (amount) of gems
    - /armormultiplier give 66one 150

    /armormultiplier remove (player) (amount) #remove (amount) of gems from (player)
    - /armormultiplier remove 66one 145

    /armormultiplier withdraw (amount) #withdraw amount of gems
    - /armormultiplier withdraw 140

    /armormultiplier buy (armor) (type)
    - /armormultiplier buy panda leggings

    Ideas for permissions:
    armormultiplier.give #permission to give gems
    armormultiplier.remove #permission to remove gems
    armormultiplier.withdraw #permission to withdraw gems #permission to buy armor #permission to buy a specific set of armor (example:* #permission to buy all sets
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