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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Numenorean95, Jan 21, 2014.

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    So, I am the creator of MapLoader ( and I was doing some testing when I realized that when I do my automatic terrain generation, it does not generate any surface environment at all. No trees, no snow, no villages, nothing. However, basic terrain is there, dirt, stone, riveers, mountains, etc., and as soon as I enter the game and start flying around, the trees and everything are correctly generated.

    Now, my plugin is designed to be used with Dynmap, and how I realized that it wasn't generating the surface stuff was because when I did a fullrender you could only see the dirt and stone.


    As you can see, only the swath I manually generated is correct. My code to generate chunks is very simple, with the complexity of my plugin coming from the error correcting and memory management. To load a chunk, all I do is world.loadChunk(x, y); and then unloadChunk(x, y, true);
    My thoughts are that this could either be my fault, or a problem with dynmap. This is 1.7.2 and newest versions all around.

    If anyone has any ideas why this might be the case, I would be most appretiative. The full code is at
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