Autofind and Refill chests

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    Plugin category: Admin, help, mechanics

    Suggested name: Chestfinder

    What I want: The plugin should be able to find all current chests in the world, and when a chest is automatically generated/placed(possibly configurable). The plugin should store the information for the chests in a mysql DB or just a simple text file. It should then be able to go through all of those chests every (configurable amount of time), and refill the chests with preconfigured items, with random amounts that are also configurable.

    Ideas for commands:
    /cf findall - Finds all chests in the world.
    /cf refill - refills all chests in the chest database.
    /cf reload - Reloads the CF config, this would hold the items and the item amounts

    Ideas for permissions:
    Default: OP
    • cf.findall
    • cd.refill
    • cd.reload
    When I'd like it by: End of September or mid october

    I am willing to work with you while you code, because I am trying to learn java, and bukkit still.

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