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    Suggested name: AutoChatColor

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where if a user has certain permissions, they will get a chat col(u)r. Pretty simple. Thats all.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 1 Week.
  2. I can get this done!
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  4. @Maxie_Z I can probably get it done in about an hour, if not I will do it tomorrow
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    @_Bedo_ Thanks! Tell me when its done!

    @_Bedo_ Another important thing is, I want it to be there all the time... Even if they quit and rejoin! Shouldn't be too hard because of perms!

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  6. I've completed the project and uploaded it here, but you'll need to wait for the admins to approve the project and the file, which shouldn't be that long.
    If you need anything else, please just post in this thread and I can get it done tomorrow.
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    Works perfectly! Thanks! BUT! One problem! OPs. They get mixed colours and every format... What do I do!?

    Also, white isn't working. Take a look at that!
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    @Maxie_Z since its permission based, ops have all permissions, so just add negative nodes in your permissions files and that should fix it.
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    This is really easy but can conflict with other chat related/manipulated plugins like super censors. Try out a few chat plugins and make sure it doesn't conflict. Also, this plugin is considerable to easy to make. But you should reconsider away from using permissions.
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    That is a very simple fix on the developers side. All he would have to do before everything is check if the player is OP and send the message instead of checking if the player has the specific permission. @_Bedo_
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    PS. I am using inheritance in PEX too!
  12. I'm using permissions because that is what the OP asked for, as for conflicts with other chat plugins, I will look into it.
    EDIT: I tested it with super censor, it worked fine... Maybe I'm using a different server version to everyone else? What version are you running @Agentleader1
    I have it handled code side, the user has to be given the permission explicitly to have chat formatted, it could be relating to the permission handler itself, I've tested only using PEX.
    @Maxie_Z What version of the server and PEX are you using? I might be doing something that isn't implemented in your version
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    Sounds good @_Bedo_ maybe I missed it when looking over it.
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    1.7.10 and 1.8 (together on one jar)
  16. Hmm, intresting, I can't see why your getting this bug and I'm not... until we can get this sorted out, I will make a version with a config to set OP's colour without using permissions, sorry for the inconvenience.
    EDIT: Done, uploaded it to the Bukkit Dev page, you might need to wait a bit for the file to be approved.
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    @_Bedo_ Also.... Another problem with inheritance. Can you make it that if you have more than one node, it goes to the highest "value"?

    Here is the list:
    • autochatcolour.lightpurple
    • autochatcolour.yellow
    Then after that... It doesn't matter. Thanks!

    Do you get what I mean!?
  18. That sounds like something you should do with PEX instead of me coding it in and making it over complicated.
    You give the group you don't want to have a specific permission a permission node that negates the inheritance from previous groups. So say you have two groups, 'Admins' and 'Users', the admin group inherits all permissions from the users group. So as an example if you want admins to talk in red and users in yellow, you would give them the following permissions:
    • autochatcolour.yellow
    • -autochatcolour.yellow
    The minus before the permission node, means despite the fact it inherits 'autochatcolour.yellow' from the previous group, the admins still only talk in red.
    Anyway, I have also uploaded a new version of the plugin to the project page, because I forgot to actually check if the player was OPed in the code, so all players would have the colours that were defined in the config, sorry for all the issues.
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