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    Name: Autocar

    Category: Fun

    How it works: To drive a car, one must place down a car on ANY block (it does not have to be a rail) and get in it. The minecart's controls will be similar to the horse. The car's functionality will be similar to CarZ and UCars.


    Now here is the fun part. This plugin allows the car for radio purposes. What I mean by radio is that when you are sitting in the car, you can right click the car with any music disc. The car will play the song and you will be the only one that will hear the song.

    The car can run over mobs which will deal damage to them. (4 hearts of damage). It can also deal damage to players. (4 hearts of damage).

    The car will go as fast as any horse.

    Permissions: autocar.ride - permission to drive the car - permission to play a song while riding the car
    autocar.runover - permission to run over mobs and deal damage to them
    autocar.runover.players - permission to run over mobs and deal damage to them

    I would like this plugin ASAP

    Also please add a configuration file to this plugin.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Probably want to tell what you want to configure then
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    The car would quickly drive out of range of where you play the music.
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    But the source of the music would be the CAR
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    The source of the music can't move.

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