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    Minecraft version: 1.7.10

    Suggested name: ForceAutoKitArmor

    What I want: Just like the many AutoArmor plugins out there, that when you do /kit it auto equips the armor if the kit has armor, but i need a second feature on it if you do the /kit command and the kit you use has armor it also forces that armor on the player even if they have other armor equipped.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: autoarmor.use, but not necessary

    When I'd like it by: As fast as someone can make it. i would already appraciate it if someone wants to make it.
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  2. I can do it if you tell me if the idea is so ok:
    Permission autoarmor.create:
    /kit GUI | Here you can manage the first 9 kits
    /kit gui <kit(int(number) is expected)> |here you can manage the specified kit
    /kit set <kit(int(number expected)> [helmet,breastplate,gaiters,boots] <Item> | Replaces the specified armor part for the specified item for the specified kit

    /kit save |stores the kits in a file. Also done automatically when the server shuts down(Not during server crash)

    Permission autoarmor.use:
    /kit use <kit(int(number expected)> <player> | Equips the specified kit for the specified player

    Two more questions:
    1. Can the player take off the attached kit?
    2. What happens to the armor he has on when the /kit use command is executed on the player? Should it then be deleted or should it be cached?
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    Hey, i'm already using BetterKits as a kit plugin because that one supports NBT tags (modded items) the only thing i'm really searching for is a plugin that auto equips the armor (even when the player already wears armor) when received through /kit.

    To the questions:
    1. Yes, they are allowed to take off the armor.
    2. It being deleted is just fine,

    The idea of why i need this kinda plugin is because the standard armor in my server is white leather, but some people can acquire other colors of leather because they've won a season with their team or have the top kills of that season, so i need a way for them to be able to get and auto equip those winning armor, without giving them more armor.
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  5. You can do that with /kit use <kit> <player>. This command forces the player to put on the armor, even if he is still wearing armor. But should I program the plugin now or do you want to add/remove/change a few things (commands, permissions, features)?
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    Uhm, i do have something that i'm still looking for, but that's not really related to the plugin i requested here, if you're willing to add/make that too that would be freaky dope and much appreciated so lemme know.

    but on the requested plugin i don't really have something else that needs to be done. So yeah you can start working on that. What do you mean with '/kit use <kit> <player>' ?
  7. Sorry, but I haven't been able to program the plugin so far and probably won't be able to do it anytime soon
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