Auto update whitelist when whitelist is turned off

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by darrenstraight, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I've been looking into whitelist plugins recently however it seems that every time you turn off whitelisting anyone who’s joined while whitelisting is off will not be added when whitelist is turned back on, you have to manually copy all the player names over to the whitelist file again, for example from the players folder in the world folder using a batch script or from a plugin such as

    So what I'm looking for is a whitelisting plugin that will:
    · Allow you to turn on/off whitelist while in game via a command
    · Save the whitelisted users to a flatfile or a MySQL database.
    · When whitelist is turned off via the in game command any new users who join automatically get added to the whitelist.
    · When whitelist is turned on if if you update the flat file or mySQL database those users can get on without having to have the server restart.
    · Not scheduled, unless it’s the only way, prefer to be done dynamically on the fly.
    · Anything else that helps with this process, such as being alerted in game when someone not on the whitelist trys and joins or a custom you're not whitelisted message for the user.
    But lets start with what I really want the auto updating of the whitelist when its turned off but plugin still installed and active.

    Plugins you may need to look at:

    Thanks to anyone who can help me achieve this. There must be a simple way to it instead of something complicated like having a MySQL Whitelist database and every so often having a scheduler that takes the playerlist from say another plugin that lists players like bigbrother/logblock/datablock and merges them.

    I am very committed to helping with resources to achieve my plugin idea.

    Kind regards,
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    For this problem you could just typ /reload.
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    Depends on how this plugin is implemented if it was in an MySQL Database it would just have to check against that instead of an already preloaded flatfile. But yes /reload could be used if there was no soltution for that part, it's a minor annoyance, my main concern is that the plugin updates the whitelist with players who join the server when whitelist is off and that you can turn the whitelist on/off in game without having to change any config files as the moderators in charge of whitelisting will not have access to the config file. So it needs to all be done in game same reason why I need the auto update feature.
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    Thanks I'll check it out and see if it's any close to what I need. :)

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