Auto stop server whit broadcast msg

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  1. I have been searching the forum and I haven't found a plugin that fit my needs.

    I would love a plugin where I in the config can set a timestamp.
    Every day on that timestamp i want the server to send a stop command so chunks are saved and the server is closed properly like when you do it manually.

    In the config file I want to place a broadcast msg to be shown before the server stops.

    an eks off how a config would look like:

    stop-time: 02:30
    msg: The server will stop in %time !
    #how much time before server stop do you want to send the msg (in mins)
    #you can send msg more then ones just use comma
    broadcasts: 30,15,10,5,4,3,2,1

    Hope some1 want to make this for me :)
    pls fell free to ask me question if you dont understand my idea


    using this plugin:
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    The RemoteToolkit allows timestamps in the restart warning messages. I can easily implement a setting where the wrapper will not restart the server automatically if you do not want it to do so.
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    Does anybody have the .jar file anymore? I really need it for my server. PLEASE say you have it. XD
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    u dont need a plugin just use mcmyadmin.
    with that u man make the server auto stop or restart and make it giving messages about it when ever u want and how many times u want

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