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  1. Plugin category: Soup

    Suggested name: AutoSoup

    What I want: I need a plugin where you have a Soup plugin such as

    And you don't have to do anything but when you are under 5 heats you automatically eat the Soup in your hotbar and go back to your best sword in your hotbar.

    I am not in a rush of the plugin but it would be cool to have it ready to be used soon :).

    (P.S. sorry for my bad English)
    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands: /auto soup

    When I'd like it by: 3 weeks
  2. Haven't used previous soup plugins but do any of them auto feed? Sounds pretty cool.
  3. This would be quite simple to do.
    If no one does this, i will.
  4. Interesting idea... I like it. If no one else claims it soon, and Woobie doesn't either, I'll most likely do it. :)
  5. VariableTriggers can do this. I guess.
  6. No... This it can't do. :3 Unless there is a way to add a certain amount to the hunger bar?
  7. I was talking about inventory manipulation, but yeah, you're right. Maybe LexLaiden can confirm and maybe add these features? :3
  8. Thanks, If you do decide to do it, please tell me :).
  9. Not directly but,
    If you have any plugin that simply changes hunger or does somthing specific you can use VariableTriggers CMD or CMDOP or CMDCON and use the /commands from other plugins. This way you can create triggers and interaction and manipulation of variables to decide when to do these.

    As for direct hunger or inventory managment, these are features that may well get added in the future.
  10. Then tell me when, and if you add them :p or you can just make a whole new plugin?

    I found a vid, maybe it will help with seeing the idea :D

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  11. Lol sorry to not tell you. Im done with the plugin, just making the Bukkit Dev post now.
  12. Thanks so much! Please send me a link :D
  13. Keep in mind that this is my 1st plugin posted on Bukkit and it underwent little testing from me. If you get any errors please post it on the BukkitDev page or PM me and I will be glad to fix it up.

    Download Page:

    Also If you don't like the way I took the idea and would like to clarify it I would be glad to edit it as well.

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  14. please do this i really need one that is updated for all of the mc updates... if that is nnot to much :)
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    Don't suppose anyone has the script for the auto soup in macro keyboard do they?:D
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    Gooby Plz...
  18. Oh I think I can do this...maybe.
    Ill try later.

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