Auto Promote When Purchasing VIP?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GoldenWrapper, May 19, 2012.

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    Hey does anyone know a plugin/website that you can set up an online shop where users can buy VIP and then it auto-promoted them on the server? I think I saw a website once but I'm not sure where.
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    So how would I promote a person to a certain position automatically? Because some people that donate are at the Guest rank, and some are at the Regular rank. So is there a command to promote a person to a specific rank (in PEX) and not just promote to the next ladder?
  4. This is completely possible, I advise watching the installation videos for Buycraft.

    thanks ~ Developer of
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    Oh I saw it thanks :)
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    Buycraft can run any commands on the server when someone donates so it can do just about anything.

    If I recall correctly the command to set a user to a group using pex is
    /pex user [username] group set [group]

    Do not include the / when putting this into the buycraft package though because you don't need the / to run commands from the console.

    I have been using buycraft for my servers donations for a few months now and it is fantastic.
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    Also, is there a way to keep track of donations? On my website I have this counter: and it helps my users see how much money we have gotten for the month. Is there a such thing with buycraft that you can embed into a forum page?
  8. We do not offer this, however it is on our TODO.
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    Dev of Buycraft? Nice!
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