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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Creeoer, Dec 8, 2014.

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    I believe that you should look torwards getting a plugin that automatically locks a thread after a set amount of time (3 months? or something) according to the last post made on that thread. The amount of necroed threads is getting ridiclous. Just today did I see someone bump a thread from 2011 when the users were clearly inactive.
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    +1 on this idea.
    Who votes
    A: 3 months
    B: 4 months
    C: 6 months
    D: 10 months
    E: A year
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    What if someone has the same issue, or wants to contact all the users from the original thread? Then they will have to create a whole new thread, and provide a link to the old one.

    Or what if a team of developers have a bukkit post they update every so often. Also, what about all the plugin request post that were never filled? What if I decided to write a plugin for a thread that was already locked?

    A better solution, in my opinion, would be to add a notice that tells the user the last post date just in case they didn't notice.
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    You really shouldn't be bringing a, let's say, 6 month old thread back from the dead anyway, just create a new thread and contact people there.

    It would go from the last post. So if someone were to post something on 3 month old thread and there were more recent post before that, it wouldn't lock.

    As for the plugin request, if they really want someone to find it they would bump it every 24 hours, which will prevent a lock.
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    Honestly, I don't actually see whats wrong with necro posting.
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    Why not? It has the same title, correct section, theirs really nothing wrong with it. It would be better to have one megathread with multiple different situations because it would be more efficient for the reader
    Yeah, but I mean what if I saw an old thread and decided that plugin was a great idea? Then I would have to give the credits to the person, which probably means I would have to contact them. Not only that, but anyone who comes across the same thread wouldn't know about it, since it's not posted. Or what if say, I wanted to post below to check if they were still looking for this to be made? Now I have to contact them personally.

    That brings up another point, what if there is a thread containing outdated information? A lock would just make it any normal thread that was old, and we can't just correct it by making a comment. So we would have to link it in the new thread, and hope nobody uses the old one as a reference. Unless the mods could post something like "outdated", but wouldn't that just be more trouble then it's worth?

    Also what if something I see is posted and I completely disagree with it, or know it's incorrect? Now we have a preserved piece of information that will not be changed, even if it's wrong. Sure the mods can go back and change it, but again it's more trouble then it's worth. If it's not locked in the first place, regular users can do it themselves.

    And this is more of a personal thing, but I like seeing which threads got locked and why. I don't know about you, but I sometime find it funny to go through locked threads and seeing what the problem was, but with every old thread locked it's not as fun. Only the recent, locked thread would be fun to read. I mean come on, who doesn't like to view an old thread, for example, displaying a showdown between good old TnT and another user.

    All in all, are we really going to go through the trouble to getting this on Bukkit, just to prevent a good old Necro post every once in a while? Come on, don't take the fun away :) Worst comes to worst, the mods should take control and let people know you can't Gravedig threads. If it's out of control enough to install a whole plugin, why not have the mods enforce it to prevent it from happening in the future?
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    I am against this. If a situation arises that a necro thread needs to be locked, a moderator can lock it. There are several threads on other forums that I have been involved in that have all been resurrected with perfectly valid reasons for the resurrection, even with one being over two years old.

    This is a case by case decision and will remain how it currently stands.
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