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    I have been working on my own server for a while and ive been trying to change some stuff. I wanted to make it so when you join the server you automatically join one of the four factions that I made. It would be cool if u guys could come up with something.
    It would be great if u made it so when the first person joins the server he joins faction No.1, snd person join fac no.2 ... etc. etc.
    Thanks Guys!
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    So basically if a player joins it automatically makes him issue the command /f join <faction name> ?
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    owkay thats quite easy, i will get working on it.
    but how do you want to cancel them leaving the faction?
    i might be able to do that too?
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    Im not sure how to to make it so they cant leave the faction but i guess i could make it so they dont have access to do /leave, maybe if i used Group Manager... i guess?

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