Util Auto Downloading Plugins Through Plugins

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Gingerbreadman, Dec 22, 2014.

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    [Util Removed]
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  2. @Gingerbreadman
    1. Bare in mind that doing this will have your plugin rejected from BukkitDev for obvious reasons.
    2. Why a public time field? Encapsulate that field!
    3. Don't do if(boolean==false), do if(!boolean)
    4. Why are you creating a "b" variable that you only ever set to true and only ever use once?
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    @AdamQpzm The boolean is used to set Downloaded in the config to true, making the util not constantly repeat
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    @AdamQpzm true, I will change that (I was not thinking straight yesterday (I was doing this at 2am))
  6. @Gingerbreadman Correct me if I am wrong, but will this not cause a bit of lag if the plugin file is pretty big? What you should do, is make sure that the server reloads after the file has downloaded (So probably put it in one of those finally sections).
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    @DJSkepter Its actually already has a reload function
  8. @Gingerbreadman Looking at it again, I notice you download the file in the main thread. That's a bad idea.

    @Gingerbreadman Downloading a file over the primary thread? Of course it's bad! Why wouldn't that be bad?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Gingerbreadman Resource is a section, in that already. For further reference: top right corner, thread tools, edit thread.
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    @AdamQpzm Its not like I am downloading a huge file, plugins download fast
  11. @Gingerbreadman
    But you freeze the main thread for the duration of the download.
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  12. @Gingerbreadman It's still bad standard to force the main thread into network I/O operations. What if there's a large latency for the place you're accessing? What if the plugin is large? What if the server (either yours or the one your connecting to) is having slow connection issues?

    Two things to bare in mind: 1) The server freezes while you're doing all of this (I see @Assist ninja'd me on this point) and 2) You're releasing this as a resource. Excuses such as "I'm not downloading a large plugin" are unacceptable. Just because you aren't, doesn't mean others wouldn't want to. You need to consider others needs when trying to release something to them.
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    @AdamQpzm Yes your correct (I will update the util), but when I was talking about huge files I meant very huge (Over 100mb)

    @Skionz thanks xD

    Now its a thread, and I added a time variable for the reload (needed if plugin is very big)

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Gingerbreadman Well, when download is running on the main thread then the server waits, so the reload will also wait till the download finishes.
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    @timtower Its not on a main thread anymore
  17. @Gingerbreadman Yes it is. Your constructor calls the download method, and you're still instantiating it in the main thread.
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    You're using the (Thread) constructor? Why not just start DownloadUtil? If the download takes longer than usual, you will have issues with reloading the server.
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    if(true == true == true == true == true == false == true == false)
    Redundant redundancy FTW!
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    @Gingerbreadman Stop being rude ! Your code has some bad practices, this is why @AdamQpzm is trying to correct you.
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    @Skyost its my personal choice to do if(boolean == false) instead of if(!boolean)

    @xTrollxDudex That's why I added the time variable into the constructor

    @teej107 Redundant?
    Without it, the server will keep downloading the plugin and reloading xD

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    @Gingerbreadman No not that. boolean == boolean is redundant. boolean == boolean makes another boolean. You could just do boolean or !boolean.
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    @teej107 like I said just a personal choice xD
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    If you want your public resources to be taken at all seriously you need to code it to the proper java conventions. I don't want to be terribly rude, but no one cares about your personal choice. If you want to code in your own world then keep it that way, don't release something and then not accept the ridicule it deserves.

    That being said, there is no reason to re-direct every single piece of advice that is being given to you, you should take it and improve the code that you've released for other people to use. When people like you are stubborn and think their way is best and someone else who is still learning reads your code, they too learn the horrible practices that you've learned and it becomes a never ending circle of bad code.
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    @RingOfStorms Its not a horrible practice, is just not necessary
    (Code changed for readability)
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    It doesn't work that way. The download time will vary, the "set" delayed time will never work unless you allow the download to complete before planning anything.
    1. The download can take more time if the server's connection isn't good
    2. I/O time can be affected by server load
    3. URL can be removed, in that case, the download will never finish, and the server reloads for no reason

    There are better ways to do this. First of all, you should implement a timeout, and second, use a latch.

    Timeouts are relatively simple, you can just use a check to System.currentTimeMillis() from an observation thread. The extra thread may be necessary because if you place it inside the loop, your download will encounter slowdown from time check overhead. If it timesout, return from the thread and continue.

    Second, using java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch with a single permit (or Semaphore with 0 permits, increment and block on take) can be used to check thread continuation. If the operation does not timeout and completes, count down and await for response to reload.
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    @xTrollxDudex Thank you for the advice, I will be redoing this util tomorrow when I have the time xD

    EDIT: Of course I knew that the download wont download in the time you present xD
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    Does this really help?
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    help with what?
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