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    Plugin category: [help]

    Suggested name: Autoanswer

    What I want: I would like a plugin that will answer quetions asked by players. Questions that it answers would have to be prefixed with a ?. So for example a new player will arrive on the server and Receive a msg saying "Got a question. Add a "?" before your question to get an instant answer." The player would then type "? how do i join a town." The Plugin would then serch that question for keywords set in a config file and give the player the answer set agianst the matching keywords.

    I reckon the config file could look something like this:

    Keywords: join+town
    Answer: Just ask a town owner if u can join a town and they will help!

    Match just 1 word:false
    Match all words:true (this bit is optional)

    If more than 1 answer matches up it will give all answers to the player. With a msg stating that multiple answer have been matched to the question.

    Ideas for commands: possibly a command to add keywords and answers in game. (/au add keywords join+town) (/au add answer ask town owner)

    Ideas for permissions: au.admin for ingame commands
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    Cool idea. Good for large servers. Bump!
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    Difrent way would be that plugin listens to chat and ever he found a key word, he answers it.
    Like alot of ppl ask for op/gm and ever some one include "op" in message plugins answers "Don't ask admins op, use forum for that" Etc ;)
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    I'd really like this kinda plugin (Bump lol)
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    yeah im just worried about ppl getting answers all the time when they dont want/need em. thats why i added the ? prefix. like if someone said "i hate it when ppl ask if they can have op" they would prob get an answer for keywords have+op

    This could be a very popular plugin. Some one make it please :)

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    i can give it a try! thanks for giving the link.

    i have some ideas:
    1. if the player does "? help" they get al the commands. (helps)
    like "? how join i a town" "? how can i see my balance"

    in the config you can set the questions and the answers.

    one question: do you want /? question or only ? question
    (both posible)
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    Thanks for the offer, however with a little (actualy a lot) of help from someone else i managed to make this plugin. Its quite basic and has a bug or 2 atm, but its a good start for me to learn from and improve on.
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    okay if you need help you can ask me

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