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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fyyji, Aug 11, 2022.

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    So I've seen a post on here before about an attack dogs plugin, but using token manager. It seems the plugin had been made but not posted. Essentially I'm in need of this plugin but using vault instead of token manager.

    (Here's a copy of the original post edited to my needs)

    If a player has a certain permission they will be able to summon an attackdog that has upgradeable attributes. The upgrades can be bought with money. The way the upgrades are purchased should be through a GUI that can be opened by shift and right clicking the dog. The attributes are applied to the dog via infinite potion effects. The player should only be able to spawn in one attackdog at a time and when they die, disconnect or when the server stops their attackdog should die. The prices of the attribute upgrades should be configurable and saved once purchased by a player in separate a file.

    The plugin should be to work on 1.8 - 1.16 (for my needs)

    The potion effects that should be purchasable through the GUI:
    (the owner of the attackdog should only be allowed to open the upgrade gui for their dog)

    (strength upgrades)
    - strength 1
    - strength 2
    - strength 3
    - strength 4

    (speed upgrades)
    - speed 1
    - speed 2
    - speed 3
    - speed 4

    (health upgrades)
    - regeneration + health boost + absorption 1
    - regeneration + health boost + absorption 2
    - regeneration + health boost + absorption 3
    - regeneration + health boost + absorption 4

    (when the player first spawns in their dog the dog should have no attribute upgrades)

    all attribute upgrades once purchased should not be able to be purchased again.
    if the player moves more then 40 blocks away from the dog the dog should teleport to the player.

    how the dog should look like once spawned:

    pictures of the gui:

    version of vault I'm using.
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    Hello, I will try my best to make this, one thing though, how do you want the attack dog to be summoned?
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    Hey, the attackdog should be summoned (and de-spawned) with the command /attackdog and it should require the permission ad.use

    Something else to mention in the original post too is that, the attackdog should always spawn at full health (even with the upgrades).
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