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    Hello, I'm look for someone to create a simple assassin plugin, I understand there is already one out similar to this but far to advanced for what it is. This could be such a simple plugin but others have been over worked far too much!

    Player A was killed by Player B
    this has made player A really unhappy and wants revenge.
    Player A will now hire Player C to kill Player B
    Command /assassin hire [Player C] [Player B] [ammount]
    Message appears the same as /tpaccept
    Player A wants you to kill Player B $50,000 /assassin accept /assin decline
    Decline then nothing more happen, accept and the player has to be killed by the assassin the bounty won't be given if the player dies from lava, water, height, another player etc..
    Support mainly essentials, others I guess will be needed

    Future updates Assassin high scores, mqsql lookup the best assassin so you know who to hire

    What do you guys think?

    Note theres only one assassin/bounty hunter pvp plugin that is semi-working left so don't think i'm askign for something thats already out there

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    My plugin can do this sorta:

    It has a lot of features but if you just turn on Bounties then that's all it will do (each feature has an enabled setting and they're all false by default to maximize plugin efficiency)

    You type /bounty [player] [amount] to set a bounty
    It's not a contract between 2 players, it will award the bounty to ANYONE who kills the target
    The bounty amount is taken from the person who sets the bounty immediately, then awarded if/when someone kills the target. You can specify a minimum bounty amount that players can pay for with the command. If players buy a new bounty with the command for someone who already has a bounty, it increases the bounty against that player. You can also set a bounty that is set by the server automatically for unique kills (A kills B, A gets a bounty on their head, A kills C, bounty increases, A kills B again, bounty doesn't increase because they already killed B), also with a cooldown (so if someone collects a bounty against player A, then player A won't get a new bounty by the server for X minutes, so players can't trade kills to abuse the bounty system)

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