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    What I Want: A plugin that allows players to choose a kit or group and that kit/group will be given to them every time they respawn after death. But i dont want them to be able to get the kit while playing like /kit or somthing but they CAN change there kit/group at anytime like /class <class> or /group <group> or something. So i want the plugin to basicly like Assasins Creed multiplayer. Here is a video about the whole class/rank/group thing it here: Then More details about Assasin Creed multiplayer: . And like on the Assasins Creed Multiplyer i was wodering if somehow the plugin could send you a picture of the person you are trying to kill or if not a picture the persons name. (Would prefer picture cause many hackers have clients that have tracers.) Also when the person that is trying to kill YOU sprints towards you, you get a warning. But instead of having disguises like in the videos, I can just use mob disguise. So to save you some time please just leave the disguise part to mob disguise. (unless you want to add disguise like /disguise). Also i would like it so you get points for killing your target.

    Ideas for permissions: ac.disguise, or somthing like that.

    When I'd like it by: I want this plugin for the new minecraft update, but i thought i would just ask ahead of time.

    I dont think bukkit allows you to pay money but contact me on skype and maybe we can work somthing out.

    Contact info: Email: [email protected] Skype: thudog77
  2. Well I'm coding a plugin right now sort of like that except with all the weapons and with proximity meters and such just like the real game. In the arena, everyone is disguised as the same character (Executioners, Doctor) and so forth as in the game, including NPCs so there is no need to send them a name or picture. They just have to follow a compass to track their target.
  3. Hm.. You could get a spawn room, With sign linking into another plugin (Forgot the name) That when you punch it you it runs any commands you have linked to it.
    Very similar to mob disguise except if requires 2 plugins, One for the signs and another for the kits.

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    Cool, i think a compass would be better.

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