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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by CoolCreeper131, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Hello to whoever is reading this
    Recently I've found an amazing plugin named Asykblock that features you the gamemode Skyblock.

    While I was playing around with the plugin, I found out that I cannot do /is sethome on water for some reason. If I do /island, the plugin teleports me to the nearest valid location. Even placing a block on top of the water, do /is sethome on the block, and breaking the block doesn't work at all for some reason.

    The reason that I want the /is sethome on water is because when players fall off their island, when they do /island, they teleport onto the island and they die due to fall damage. By teleporting them to a water puddle prevents people from dying and in fact, it's the proper way of playing skyblock.

    If the /island sethome on water isn't allowed, is there some way to cancel fall damage (or make players invincible for 2 seconds) when players do /island? I've seen it on some servers when players do /island when they're falling, players won't die from fall damage.

    I've included my Config.Yml below (If that helps)

    Please help me solve this issue :)
    Best Regards,

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    *An Illegal Bump that everyone will kill me for it :p*
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    Another Bump, I need a little help over here, been almost two weeks :(
  4. Is there 1 block of bedrock on their islands?
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    Yeah everything works fine except for the /is sethome
    And yeah there is bedrock

    /is sethome works if you dont set the home on water, however if you are falling into the void, when you do /is, you instantly die due to fall damage

    Still having this issue, plz help
  6. I'm going to guess that your using the V of ASkyBlock (lastest version) and did you or someone else heavily change the config file?
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    Below is my config.yml, check it out if you want

    Alright I think I found my problem

    In the config file, it seems like the Acid Damage (In the Acid Section) was enabled and set to 5, which damages the player health by 5 per second. (I don't know why I had that enabled)

    Since Askyblock thinks that setting a home on the water will kill the player (due to Acid Damage) the plugin automatically teleports the player to the nearest safe spawn location, which is on land.

    Setting the Acid damage to 0 solved this issue, thanks for replying and reading thus far!
    thanks FedTheirEx for helping me :)

    Mark this thread as solved please

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