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    Plugin category: [MECH/RPG]

    Suggested name: Special Armor

    What I want:I run (testing with my brother before releasing) a PVP server using Heroes. I would like for the ability to change how fast players can run based on their equipped armor (a full set only is preferred). Also an option to allow different percentages of damage taken from falls when wearing FULL sets of a certain armor. I remember finding something like that a while back but I cant find it anymore and I doubt it was updated.
    *UPDATE*: Maybe include a jumping ability much like "Armor Abilities" but require a full set?

    P.S: I want

    Thanks! :)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No perms please. Make it a config file that changes the armor itself somehow?

    When I'd like it by: As soon as is fair to ask. :) Server can survive without it but having it sooner than later would be better!

    Additionial information: This PLEASE needs to work with heroes at the very least. (You can ignore the fact that certain skills already reduce/enhance speed in heroes as these are active skills and i am looking for it to be as easy as possible for the player)
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    So you want the following:

    If The Player has Leather They Get A Speed boost of, lets say... 2.5%
    If Iron They Get a 5% boost
    if Gold They Get a 7 % boost
    if Diamond they get a 10% boost

    Is that correct?
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    Exactly. I want the speeds to be configurable though. You need to be able to slow people down too. (like negative values)

    I plan on making warriors slower than thiefs and bowman by making leather armor speed you up and iron and diamond to slow you down.


    I edited my first post to look cleaner and more professional. Also added an idea for fall damage reduction.
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    I actually like this, Pretty good idea if possible.
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    I figure the movement percentages would be something like this:

    "Naked": 100%
    Leather: 110%
    Chainmail: 90%
    Iron: 85%
    Gold: 60% (Gold is HEAVY, plus it kinda has special abilities on my server)
    Diamond: 70%

    and the falldamage percentages like:
    Naked: 0% reduction
    Leather: 80% reduction
    Chainmail: 50% reduction
    Iron: 30% reduction
    Gold: 0% reduction
    Diamond: 10% reduction

    I actually have a few more plugin ideas, should I make separate threads or turn it into one megathread using "spoilers" to space them out?

    actually, remove the fall damage idea... I am using mcmmo and "acrobatics" already does this for them :)

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    i like the fall damage lol
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    well then i will re-include it just for you ;)

    There, gotta make the people happy :p

    bump, if somebody is making or decides to make something with this, can they let me know?

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    I am considering it. I'm working on a few other things atm but if i have free time i might.
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    Ok thanks. I just wanted to know if anyone had it or not because I didn't want to be wasting my time if nobody wanted to make it :)

    Glad to see there is some interest!
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    There is an Armor Abilities plugin that increases speed per armor piece. You can also change which armor to use.
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    Armor Abilities does not have what I am looking for. I want all armors to have a configurable speed and to require a full set.. AA does not allow for these it seems. The "jump per piece" is a good idea though! :(

    Thank you anyways :-/

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    I hope someone makes this.
    A good idea to a RPG Server!

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