Armor locker and more ideas!

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  1. Armor locker​
    -chest is made into a locker​
    -you put armor in it ​
    -it auto-equips the best armor/weapon you have by right clicking chest​
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    This forum is strictly for plugin requests. Asking for developers for your server belongs in the Show Off Your Bukkit Server...

    So you should edit your post, and please format it.
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    Cool! This sounds great. BRB with a filled BukkitDev Request! :D

    Here it is!

    ArmorLocker is still in the planning phase, so please feel free to file a ticket for any feature requests you may have.

    Keeley :D

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    Thanks For Making,
    I am downloading for my server :D :D :D
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    Sorry, for some reason there I called the ArmorLocker plugin "InfoBukkit", which is another one of my plugins. Sorry if it caused any confusion. :)
  6. i submitted a feature request ticket thanks escortkeel

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