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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Minecraft version: Paper version git-Paper-120 (MC: 1.14.3) (Implementing API version 1.14.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    Suggested name:

    What I want: When a mob is spawned, it could be assigned to an army randomly. A player can join one army. Each army's target is predefined in the configuration. An army can attack other armies. Mobs and player cannot hurt mobs and players in their army. Each mob shows its army name above its head. Each player shows the army name too.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /join 'armyname' # to join an army
    - /leave # to leave an army
    - /armies # list armies names, number of players in those armies, quantity of mobs in the armies and its targets
    - /reloadarmies # to reload the plugin configuration

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for configuration:


    - Red # name of the army
    - Black
    - White
    - Natural
    - Lightning
    - Zombie: 10 # Chance percent xx (number between 1 to 100)
    - Skeleton_Wither: 10
    - Enderman: 4

    - Black
    - White
    - Blue

    When I'd like it by: whenever it's possible.

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    Sounds interesting! I am not not If i can so this Plugin thogh...there are much better programmers in this Forum than me.

    I Just have some questions:
    1. So players can Change their Army at will without cooldown. I mean it's not my plugin,but wouldn't then everyone Just allways want to go to the biggest Army, or the Mobs that are nearby(so they don't Attack you)...maybe a cooldown would be good?

    2. I think this is Just a spelling mistake by: "spawnreason" should that mean "spawnregion"? Or can those soliders also Spawn If a Zombie e.g gets Hit by lightning?
    I think i have Not quite understood the spawning conzept yet.

    3. You were talking about Spawn percentages. What happens If a Mob is unlucky and allways doesnt get the nessecary procentage for every army. Does the mob Just Not have an Army or what happens? Must EVERY Mob have an Army?

    Thats all
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    Hi, I'm glad it sounds interesting for you!!!

    1 - Yes, I've thought about the cooldown obviously, and I've thought about 1000 things more that can be added haha, but I didn't wanted to make the plugin too complex for somebody and as there are several plugins out there that already can make the cooldown I thought to implement that myself, but it's OK to add a cooldown.

    2/3 - As I don't know exactly what will be the final result and final mob behavior as we are talking about a new concept & something that has not done in the past, I thought to add the ability to restrict the "soldiers" creation by restricting its spawnreason (and percentage), that's why I thought to settle it in the configuration. I didn't mean that the plugin spawn mobs itself as I didn't wanted to put more complexity to this plugin, the idea is that the plugin works with all the spawn reasons set for in any server (or not, depeding on which reason/s is/are set). Yes, there can be "independent creatures" also, I think that's OK.

    Let me know if any more questions! :)
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    Oh so If a Zombie is spawned it has a 10%( in this example ) Chance to be a red solider and a 90% Chance to be a normal Zombie. Have i understood that correcly ? I thoght that EVERY Mob that gets spawned NEEDS to be in an army and Ther are No normal, non-solider Mobs.
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    yes, that's right. That would be the server owner's choice, if he wants every mob converted in soldier or not, that's why I request the configuration, so it can be optional.

    So, are you interested in developing it AGreenPig?
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    Interested, yes, but as I mentioned, I am not a Very skilled programmer and thus do Not know If I could do it. I mean, i could try, but it would Just end taking me three Times as Long as other programmers on this Forum to make a less efficient, worse Plugin... I could give it a try, but if someone Else reads this, please feel free to make the Plugin too!
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    Understood! Let's wait a couple of days, in case nobody appears, maybe you can open the project at a colaborative projects site like Github or something similar and we can ask other Developers to solve things that can be difficult.

    I'm sure this plugin will provide Minecraft with a 'before' and an 'after' in the history of Survival game mode... and the Developer/s who take/s this can make history, as Minecraft is always changing and evolving and we can also choose to be part of this constant evolution and make something really new!

    It would be great to ask different Developers that can maybe assist you in this effort, don't you think it's possible?
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