Area Reverting for dungeons/quest etc.

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Is it possible to create this plugin?

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    I looked around for quite awhile and couldn't find anything that was quite like it. I also looked in inactive plugins.

    To start off I'd like to clarify what I mean by "Area Reverting". This plugin would have an area set by an admin/op, and it would remember every block in this set area. Then, a player or a group of players could enter this area and change it, by placing or destroying blocks, or even using TNT and fire. After these players leave the area, the plugin would revert the area to the way it was when it was created by the admin/op, effectively making everything those players did non-existent.

    This plugin would be ideal for dungeons, raids and quest areas, as it allows players to change and destroy the landscape and then have it reverted for the next group. It is a relatively simple concept that could open up a lot of potential for dungeon-like areas. In simpler terms, the point of this plugin would be to allow players to destroy an area but then reset that area after to allow another player to destroy the area after. It is NOT to just straight-out protect an area.

    The plugin could reset the given area at two different times:
    1. When it detects that there are no players within an area
    2. When an admin does a command that resets a specified area
    If you still aren't quite sure how exactly this would work or how it would be put to use, here is an example scenario step-by-step showing how this plugin would be used:
    1. Admin sets an area using x,y,z coordinates. There is a structure within this area.
    2. Plugin remembers which blocks are where when the admin set the area.
    3. Player(s) enter(s) the area, and being destroying the structure within the area. This is intended by the admin (as part of a dungeon, quest etc.). They are not griefing.
    4. Player(s) finish destroying the structure within the area/
    5. Player(s) leave(s) the area
    6. Plugin detects that there are no players within the area
    7. Area is reverted to the state it was in when the admin defined/set the area.
    8. Steps 3-7 would then be repeatable infinitely. This allows players to do a dungeon which they can destroy, making it much more fun.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in developing this, or if you need more clarification. Also let me know if there is actually a plugin that does this and I just missed it somehow.

    **Another aim of this plugin would be to have the reverting done automatically, I realize that you would be able to revert an area within a certain radius using logblock/bb (or something similar) but it would be a major hassle to go out to these areas every time and do the command manually. Again, this would not be an anti-griefer plugin.**
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    I think it would be a better idea to create a seperate dungeon world that would reset to a specifc clone (i.e. start)
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    Im not sure but i think that "war zone" plugin has this feature to reset an area.

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