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    I know this can be done with world guard but hear me out....

    A plugin that would only allow certain players with a certain permission to enter, for example, only donators can only get into a donator area.
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    Theres already a plugin that does this but i dont know what it's called sorry
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    A tim said use world guard then select the area with worldedit, then use /region define {regionname} then /region flag {regionname] entry deny
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    He didn't say he wanted WorldGuard, yes i know i may be biased because a plugin called VariableTriggers is your best underated alternative.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    VpDefault He also didn't say he didn't wanted it:
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    region addmember {regionname} g:{groupname}
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    tbrooks23 timtower VpDefault danjb2000 Awesomeman2 I don't really want to do this with world guard because its a little long winded, i'd prefer to have a plugin that would allow certain ranks into the area, and others not. Can that be done?
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    I don't see how thats long winded at all.

    1) Put Worldguard and Worldedit jars in your plugins folder.
    2) Select the region with a worldedit wand and create the region with worldgard
    3) Set the region's entry flag to deny and add the donator group to the member list.

    This is a basic function already in Worldguard put there for exactly the reasons which you have specified you want.
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