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    Hello i need Area Protection plugin like this :

    Self Protection - All players can now protect their own builds! The amount you can protect is limited to your rank. Staff will no longer protect for you except in some special circumstances.

    Every rank has a different block limit:
    Default - 400 blocks
    Builder - 450 blocks
    VIP - 500 blocks
    Premium - 550 blocks
    Supporter - 600 blocks
    Executive - 650 blocks
    CEO - 700 blocks
    Elite - 800 blocks
    Lord - 900 blocks
    God - 1000 blocks
    How to protect my land?
    1. Surround your creation with Fence.
    2. Place a sign next to your region, with [rp] on the first line.
    3. Enter the name you want your region to be on the 2nd line, or nothing for an automatic name.
    4. Enter 2 additional owners, if you want, on lines 3 & 4.
    is that custom plugin or?
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    RP that I believe is the plugin red protect it c an be found on bukkit dev you can pick between Fences or Redstone as the protection method
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    can you give me link for that plugin? cuz i cant find on bukkit dev..

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