Are BlockPopulator busted, or am I insane?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by phrstbrn, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Simple one file plugin to remove all the ores from chunk generation. This *should* work, yet it doesn't. Chunks loaded on world gen seem to have all their ores remove, but as I explore, I'm finding all the chunks contain their ores. Not what I want.

    Yes, I have deleted my world folders before testing, they are brand new chunks.

    name: NoOres
    main: com.gamingmesh.noores.NoOres
    version: 1.0
    load: startup
    1. package com.gamingmesh.noores;
    3. import java.util.EnumSet;
    4. import java.util.Random;
    6. import org.bukkit.Chunk;
    7. import org.bukkit.Material;
    8. import org.bukkit.World;
    9. import org.bukkit.block.Block;
    10. import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
    11. import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
    12. import;
    13. import org.bukkit.generator.BlockPopulator;
    14. import;
    16. public class NoOres extends JavaPlugin implements Listener {
    17. @Override
    18. public void onEnable() {
    19. getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);
    20. }
    22. @EventHandler
    23. public void onWorldInit (WorldInitEvent event) {
    24. for (BlockPopulator pop : event.getWorld().getPopulators()) {
    25. if (pop instanceof NoOrePopulator)
    26. return;
    27. }
    29. World world = event.getWorld();
    30. if (world.getEnvironment() == World.Environment.NORMAL) {
    31. world.getPopulators().add(new NoOrePopulator());
    32. }
    33. }
    35. public class NoOrePopulator extends BlockPopulator {
    36. private EnumSet<Material> ores = EnumSet.of(
    37. Material.COAL_ORE,
    38. Material.IRON_ORE,
    39. Material.LAPIS_ORE,
    40. Material.GOLD_ORE,
    41. Material.EMERALD_ORE,
    42. Material.REDSTONE_ORE,
    43. Material.DIAMOND_ORE
    44. );
    46. @Override
    47. public void populate(World world, Random rand, Chunk chunk) {
    48. for (int x=0;x<16;x++) {
    49. for (int z=0;z<16;z++) {
    50. for (int y=0;y<world.getMaxHeight();y++) {
    51. Block block = chunk.getBlock(x, y, z);
    52. if (ores.contains(block.getType())) {
    53. block.setTypeIdAndData(1, (byte) 0, false);
    54. }
    55. }
    56. }
    57. }
    58. }
    59. }
    60. }

    I just tried downgrading to 1.4.7 to test, nope, same deal. Is it even possible to do this?

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    They definitely still work, I use them multiple times in one of my plugins. I would suggest storing the NoOrePopulator object into a variable before you add it then check if the list contains it after. This would also check to make sure that your onWorldInit() method is actually being called correctly
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    It's definately being called. If I add a getLogger().info(..) line to my populate(..) method I can see the populate method being called. I also added another logger command to before I call setTypeIdAndData(...) and it's definately *trying* to change the blocks. However, I can also see the chunks that were populated still have all the ores in them.
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    I have been noticing the populator does not reliably populate every chunk. In my own generator I have been noticing that certain chunks get skipped seemingly at random, and no population happens in them.
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    maybe a stupid mark, but i had some problems with it. Does it saves the chunk after its getting processed ?
    you can get a list of loaded chunks with world.getLoadedChunks() iterate over the list and perfom a chunk.unload(true) on each chunk. that will save all changes made. It shouldnt matter, but it did in my case.

    greets sat
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