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    I can't seem to find an Arctic World Generator for bukkit. I'm currently using myworlds and would like to have an arctic world to make cool snowy stuff in... If i knew 2 cents worth of anything about making a world generator I'd try to make the plugin myself but........ Does anyone know of one? if this a good idea for a plugin?
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    I'm working on this.

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    That looks really cool. :)
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    I swear there was a plugin that did this...

    Ah! Here it is:

    You can use the config to make a world like codename_B 's, however his looks loads cooler!

    To [USER=39980 (open)
    codename_B[/USER]]What code did you use for ore and cave generation? I am planning on making a world gen!

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    It's been so long since I even touched that one, arctic gets a bit boring and samey after a while :p
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    Just use world painter to create a custom terrain.

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