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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrizzleBeat_98, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Yesterday, I got the idea to make an April-Fools plugin, but I need some ideas, what can I add to troll other players. If you know something, post it, when it is makeable in one day.

    Start of development: 29th March 2015
    Version: 1.0 RC1
    Author: me, DrizzleBeat_98 alias DeltaDrizz
    Language: English
    © 2015 by DeltaDrizz

    • Freeze all players except yourself
    • Catapult all players 10 blocks in the air
    • Catapult a player 10 blocks in the air by right-clicking him/her with a feather

    Known Bugs:

    Greetings and have fun :)

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    I heard sending a json message w/ NMS to a player while supplying a null json value will crash the client.
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    I never worked with NMS and json messages/values, so idk how to realize this :(

    I found sth on youtube, I will post if I succeed :)

    I added it now as a command, I used setHealthScale(Double.MAX_VALUE); and setGameMode :p, simply transform it now into the inventory :)

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  4. @DrizzleBeat_98 When they chat, it looks like it got sent to everyone else but it doesn't. Maybe a /kick saying something like 'java.lang.IOException: the remote host has been closed forcefully'. Just some ideas, hope the plugin goes well. :)
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  5. I'm sure he's just kidding. We don't support the crashing of clients here. Besides, there are easier ways to crash the client. :p
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    Plugin now downloadable, post updated :) Have fun ;)

    PS: Removed crashfunctions in this version ;)
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