Approximate Time for Approval?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by HeadGam3z, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Hey there. Sorry if I'm not suppose to ask this, but I was just curious. My plugin, EasyItemRename, has been waiting for approval since Feb 12th, and I was wondering how long does it usually take for a plugin to get approved?

    My last plugin took less than 24 hours or so to get approved. I was just wondering.
    Thanks :)
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    HeadGam3z It changes considering the fact that they are volunteers. It could be an hour to a week, just depending on how busy the team is.

    Usually it depends on recent events, like if you try to get it approved on Christmas day chances are it's going to be a while.
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    Well during the week it should not take 2 and a half days.
    Is it legal if i post a dropbox link with the newest version into the description? That way users can get the newest updates earlier, when they are out i can take the link down again.
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    Badeye No I believe that's against the rules
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    You may not link to external files in this manner. Doing so risks getting your project sent back under review pending removal of the links. You may link to a CI server, provided you follow the guidelines section 2.6.1
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    I know a plugin developer and he's been waiting 5 days now for his plugin to be approved. It's all about being patient :p
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