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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by KingFaris10, Apr 25, 2013.

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    I was just thinking it would be much better if Bukkit had a lot more staff. I've made and uploaded my plugins and I really hate it how it took minimum 1 and a quarter days just to approve it, I was quite angry.... and actually I mean more than quite. I'm sorry if this sounds rude or is stupid, but it's just the truth. So many people on my new project have been commenting "OMG where's the download" blah blah and I can't give it to them because Bukkit takes ages!
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    Yeah I do agree with you.
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    Patience is a virtue my friend.

    Just sit back and relax, it's just a plugin you can wait a few days.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You have uploaded three files. This sort of action is precisely why the queue is so big. Please delete the two older files and just leave the latest one.
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    It's just a NEW kit plugin, you don't have any viewers yet. Those 13 comments are 5 people and you.

    If you think this is a crysis, you won't last long...
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    And I would also like to point out that you answered your own question on your plugin page

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    They've all been approved, but the reason I had 3 files was because I HAD to upload 2 files as they come in a package, and then as it took 2 days to approve, I needed to make new updates :/

    I know lol, that's why they need more staff...

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    KingFaris10 - whilst I do agree it would be nice to have more BukkitDev staff and reduce queue waiting times keep in mind that it's not easy to ensure you get the right staff. That's more work (reviewing applications, chatting with potential staff, training and monitoring to ensure the job is done correctly) that would slow down the queue - so you can't just put a heap of new staff on at once, slow and steady wins the race :)
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    You waited a day and got angry...?
    Wow that's just immature!
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    tanveergt5 - it doesn't help to be insulting people. As a plugin dev myself, I can understand the frustration when you're wanting to get a new release out - but I do agree that this "anger" would be better directed toward more coding & just ignore any users who a demanding an instant release.

    KingFaris10 - after the initial upload you wont get people complaining about wait time generally (as they already have a download to grab).
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    lol I know this, It was just at that time that I couldn't wait till it got released.
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    A bit off-topic, are we actually allowed to post a link to the unapproved file?
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    Your plugin is no more important than any other plugins in the queue.
    I realize it can be frustrating to wait, but all of the staff are volunteers, and i'm sure they
    try to help as often as possible. the only time I ever ask staff to get to my plugin asap is if something is severely broken to the point that it would be affecting servers a LOT. I'm sure if you were staff you wouldn't want to sit around all day checking code only to be yelled at for not getting to someone else's plugin fast enough, be a bit more considerate about this kind of stuff.
    edit: i just saw something that's quite appropriate in another thread:

    Not only do they have to pick people for staff out of the submissions, but they need to take the time to train said staff too :p
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    Read my comment on my plugin page. It's a bug that is stuck on 0 downloads. I need to report it to the admins because I know many people have downloaded it and they've all said they have. It just never updates for some reason. So don't go posting crap.

    Now could someone please close this thread? All I wanted to say is that Bukkit needs more staff, end off. It's getting way too off-topic, and more of an argument, etc.

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    Locked per request.
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