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    Plugin Category: Roleplay

    Mc Version: 1.13.2

    Suggested Names: Apparations

    What I would like: If any of you have seen Harry Potter you will know this. Apparition is like a teleportation. Warping in Essentials is fine but not for the kind of thing I am thinking of. Basically my idea is that you can make your own apparitions and you can see them in a GUI with a custom id display (configurable). Also by saying a command in chat you can teleport to the location that has been set previous. I would like colour codes and messages configurable if the player does not have a certain apparition then they receive a message when trying to apparate saying that they dont have that apparition.

    Idea’s for Commands:

    -/apparate set <name> = Sets an apparition at the location of the player with the name of the location

    -/apparate remove <name> = Removes an apparition that was set before

    -/apparate help = Lists commands and info about them

    -/apparate <location> = Apparates the user of the command to a location that has been set

    -/apparate <player> <location> = Apparates a player to a location

    -/apparate = Opens up a GUI that lists all apparitions and are clickable that teleport them to the location

    Idea’s for Permissions:



    -apparate.location = explained below permission list




    For apparate.location when a new location is made it makes a new perm like if I wanted leaky cauldron it would be apparate.leakycauldron that way it is singular and not all, also I would like it so they are not case sensitive!

    When I would like it by: Within this week
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    I'm working on this now. Should be done pretty fast.

    Lets say you have player A and B. Player A makes a bunch of apparates, like House. Player B cannot apparate to house, but Player A can apparate themselves and also Player B to house?

    Or is it that when someone makes an apparation every player can see it and apparate to that apparation if they have the perm for it?

    Perhaps I could have two different perms (apparation.(location) for yourself and apparation.others.(location) to apparate someone else to a location?)
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    First of all thanks for making this! :)
    and just to answer your question with Player A and Player B

    That is what I meant but they can only use that apparition if they have the permission for it. Lets say an admin makes an apparition with /apparation set EXAMPLE

    Everyone would be able to use that apparation if they have the permission but it will still show up in the GUI if they don't have the permission for it (every player can see it) (I am agreeing with the 'Or is it...' and for apparting someone else you can do I dont know if I made enough sense by that so I will just say it now:

    When you apparate someone else of course you need the permission apparate.player.location to apparate someone else I was thinking or yours apparition.others.(location) they still need the permission for the apparation.

    Also please can you make apparation have a cool down of maybe 4 seconds (configurable) and is it possible to also make it so any players within the radius of 1 block (configurable) gets apparate as well as you that way it is more Harry Potter experienced. The permission I was thinking of would be: apparate.players.others to be able to apparate others with yourselves, if this doesn't make sense then please say!
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    Also isn't it called Apparition, although the verb is apparate? Just wondering; that's what Wikipedia said.

    Do you think you will need multiple pages of Apparates (will there be more than 54 apparates) and also do you want them to be in the order they are made or in alphabetical order, or I could make it configurable between the two.
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    Sorry my mistake it auto corrects it :) also I would like them in the order they are made (maybe if I can edit the order that would be good as well in the config) and there will be more than 54 apparates I am sure maybe as a page of GUI is full a new one is created
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