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Discussion in 'Resources' started by ase34, Mar 21, 2014.

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    This would be an option, but setting an effect to the horse requires an extra packet for each horse and player and might just be too expensive in comparison to the benefits.

    This API wasn't actually made for handling such a high number of blocks. When spawning the blocks at once you're actually DDoS-ing the client with packets, eventually bringing the client to fall. However, your approach with the timers is a very good idea.

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    Got ya. I actually didnt pay attention to how it was keeping the blocks floating, so i assume if i did i would have noticed that it would technically be DDoSing the client with packets, i wouldnt have done it that way, and Thanks!!
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    Monkeyboystein Just for clarification: keeping the block flying does not require DDoS-ing the client with packets, just spawning them requires a few packets, just like normal entities. Trying to spawn ~1000 sheep at once would lead to similar lags as spawning ~1000 flying blocks.
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    What a wonderful job done. :)
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    Just because something has an invisibility potion effect doesn't mean it isn't there.
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    I think you should use invisible bats under the blocks instead of horses, because there is a bug where you can see the horse legs in the sky sometimes, just like the holograms. Bats can be edited to have no sounds, invisibility without potions, etc. I made a FallingBlockAPI which easily creates a flyingblock, that actually flies up, and a static block, that acts like yours, with bats.
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